Will Tribes Of Europa Have A Second Season? Netflix New German Series Is In The Top 10

Tribes Of Europa Season 2

Popular in streaming since its debut, the first season of Tribes of Europa ends with some open questions. Will the platform renew the series of Dark producers for the second season?

New German hit for Netflix after Dark, Tribes of Europa quickly peaked at the top of the platform after its release. This post-apocalyptic series plunges in 2074 into a fractured Europe in several microstates after the Black December, “a great blackout” that occurred in 2029. This global catastrophe divided the population into several tribes, pacifists or dangerous, who fight for control of the entire European continent.

In this chaos, we followed a path full of traps with brothers willing to do anything to save the fragile balance that has been established in this divided Europe. On one side is Liv ( Henriette Confucius ), who allies with other tribes to find his family trapped by the Ravens, on the other side Kiano ( Emilio Sakraya ), who becomes a slave among the Ravens, and Elja ( David Ali Rashed ), in possession of an Atlantean cube, which would be the salvation of humanity.

Tribes Of Europa Season 2

With only six episodes, the first season of Tribes of Europa manages to create a basis for this dystopian adventure by introducing the crucial questions of its protagonists, but it does not solve all the mysteries that arise in the series. Also, this first part of the episodes ends with several “hooks”, with the disappearance of Elja and Moses in what appears to be the entrance to the world of Atlanteans at sea, the arrival of Liv in the tribe of Femen and Kiano that becomes Tarok, Mr. Vavara’s Bozie (Melika Foroutan).

If Netflix hasn’t yet announced the renewal of Tribes of Europa, its showrunner Philip Koch is already working on a second season. He told German website DWDL that he sees a long future for the series, “up to eight or nine seasons”: “I am already writing the second season, but first we will have to see how the first is received. This is a very economic project big with a unique model. In that sense, Netflix deserves a big thanks for your courage. As well as the producer Wiedemann & Berg, a collaboration that allowed to carry out this gigantic project in such a short time. They have all my respect. ”

As Tribes of Europa is in the top 10 Netflix in Brazil and other countries, it will be surprising if Netflix doesn’t give the go-ahead for the production of a second season. There are still many questions to be answered for the German series and the three heroes, Liv, Kiano, and Elja, are just at the beginning of their journey to embrace their destiny and perhaps save humanity.


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