Elite Season 5: Netflix Makes An Announcement That Should Please Fans

Elite Season 5

On the Instagram account of Netflix France, a post-dated February 25 on Elite season 5 should appeal to many fans of the series.

In the meantime, the 4th season of Elite is desired. Filming is completed in December 2020, but the release date has not yet been announced.

Netflix announces that fans of the Elite season 5 series should like

However, a surprise awaits fans of the series, namely, Elite season 5 will be in production soon.

The streaming platform does not give up all Spanish series like Money Heist. The 5th season of this series will indeed be the last to be broadcast on Netflix. However, Alex Pina is currently working on a new series, Sky Rojo.

Elite is also part of the future visions of the platform. According to the words of the co-creator of the show, Carlos Montera, reveals that he wants at least 20 seasons.

Netflix announces that Elite season 5 will be in production soon

On its Instagram page, Netflix France announces that Elite season 5 will soon be in production.


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Fans should be thrilled with this announcement.

But what about season 4

A fan asks the question to Netflix France: But when is Elite season 4 coming out?

Season 5 for Elite

The 4th season of Elite marks a turning point, the casting of some of the actors. New students at Las Encinas will replace key players. A few months after filming ends, the actors should meet again.

According to the explanation of the Spanish press, the shooting begins in mid-February in the city of Madrid.

The future of the Elite series

With the confirmation of the Elite series season 5, what about the actors? Omar, Guzman, Ander, Samuel, and Rebeka are not allowed to stay in Las Encinas even though they have repeated their last year.

Season 4 should mark the end for these actors according to Samuel and Omar’s statements during an interview.

Change in the cast of Elite season 5

Will new characters join the Elite series for the sequel? In any case, it looks like a few actors who left the show will be returning. We can cite Carla or Ester Exposito by way of example.


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