The Walking Dead Season 11: AMC Announced The Release Date Of The Latest Season

The Walking Dead Season 11

This weekend fans finally got what they have been waiting for since last year, the launch of the additional episodes of season 10. The first of the six, hit the screens this February 28 through AMC as promised.

As fans know, with the airing of the 6 additional episodes, the zombie drama will bring the tenth season to an end, which is scheduled to end in the first days of April.

It is also known to regular viewers of The Walking Dead, that the series will come to an end with season 11, which recently began to be produced under strict security and prevention protocols against any risk of contagion of coronavirus.

The Walking Dead Season 11

Now, the AMC transmission network announced this Sunday through the official tweeter account of The Walking Dead, the date it has scheduled for the launch of the last season of the drama, as indicated in the teaser released.

Fortunately, fans of The Walking Dead will not have to wait as long to see new episodes as happened last year, as AMC established that the eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead has a release date for mid-2021.

The Walking Dead will be coming to an end starting in the summer of 2021, between June and September. This as long as the course of the pandemic allows it.


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