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Tribes Of Europa Season 2: Planned On Netflix?

Tribes Of Europa Season 2

Tribes of Europa is the new ‘Made in Netflix’ sci-fi hit. The series from Germany is currently very well received and has even climbed into the French top 3. But can we expect a season 2?

A season 2 for Tribes of Europa?

This post-apocalyptic thriller is currently delighting audiences around the world. But it also leaves viewers speculating on the possibility of a second season. However, like many series that have just been released, Netflix has not yet made any official announcement for Tribes of Europa season 2. It must be said that the platform is known to wait before announcing the renewal of its series … And she is also known to often cancel them.

However, since the streaming giant makes decisions based on audiences (among others), fans can have hope. Also, reviews of the show were generally positive. Therefore, it seems quite likely that the show will return for a season 2. It remains to be seen when it could be released …

It should be noted that this kind of original series is more than ever an unparalleled asset for Netflix. At a time when Disney + is gaining strength and HBO Max is preparing for its arrival in France, original creations are a major selling point in the war of streaming platforms.

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