Wayne Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Need To Know!!

Wayne Season 2

‘Wayne’ is a dim comedy-action series that explores the experiences of a vigilante teenage boy, Wayne, that rides across the nation, from Brockton in Massachusetts to Ocala in Florida, on a bicycle with his crush Del, in search of his father’s stolen Pontiac Trans-Am. It is the brainchild of Shawn Simmons, who’s the inventor of the show. Upon its release in January 2019, the pilot episode caught eyeballs with a whopping 27 million viewpoints, making it among the most well-known shows to be aired on Youtube Premium.

The first season received a positive response from the critics in addition to the audiences due to the engrossing and unique storyline, stellar performances, wide-ranging themes, and action scenes Obviously, fans must be searching for details on the release date, cast, and other upgrades of Wayne’s season 2. Here’s what we know.

When will Wayne Season 2 be released?

Without a formal renewal, it is total speculation as to when more Wayne might arrive. As streaming providers tend to do, it appears probable that Amazon Prime will examine the first couple of months viewership of Season 1 and make the decision to follow a Season 2 according to these numbers.
Showrunner Shawn Simmons told Screenrant that he’s already composed the Season 2 premiere and has the entire season mapped out, therefore if Amazon renews the dark comedy, it seems like the team could just require a few months to compose the remaining part of the script before moving into production. Looking at this speculative timeline, it seems like we won’t be hitching a ride back to Brockton until sometime in 2022, considering not only how long it typically takes to maneuver to filming, but on account of the ongoing pandemic’s effects on production. For lovers who tuned into Wayne when it first struck YouTube way back in early 2019, that certainly looks like a very long wait, but if it works out, it is going to feel as satisfying as a member of Wayne’s (unhinged) acts of revenge.

Wayne Season 2

Wayne Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

In the first season, Wayne, together with his love interest, Del, most likely the only woman who enjoys the broken and awkward soul he is, puts out on a road trip to contact his dad’s stolen Trans-Am. What follows is a succession of events that take place in this tedious and frightening journey, along with a lot of laughs. Season 1 finishes with Wayne being taken away by cops to be routed straight back into Brockton where he will be billed and face legal consequences for episodes committed in this journey. Meanwhile, Del is taken away from him by her father and brothers, expecting to never see Wayne again.

After viewing a rollercoaster ride of love, violence, stress, loneliness, and a lot of blood in the very first season, Wayne and his adventures have raised the bar for the potential second season. Season 1 ends on a private low for Wayne and Deliah. As stated by the showrunners, season 2 of this dark comedy series is predicted, to begin with, Wayne at the juvenile center.

If there’s one thing Wayne cannot stand, it is injustice. He has to measure out and fix the wrong. If revived, it’ll be interesting to see how Wayne will escape the clutches of the legal system and also break out of the juvenile center to correct the wrongs. “The whole season’s about Wayne attempting to go direct, trying to earn back Del, and find the peace he deserves,” Simmons explained.

Who in the cast will be back?

Wayne would not be the same with no well, Wayne, therefore Mark McKenna who plays the titular, nunchuck-wielding, motorbike-driving bad boy with a heart of gold should return to direct round two. Since he is smitten with Del, the Bonnie to his Clyde–despite being chased by her dad and goon-like brothers across state lines–Ciara Bravo who portrays the sassy teenager also needs to return.

In terms of the remainder of the cast, Wayne hasn’t killed anybody with his ultra-violent manners (yet), therefore it is logical for just about everybody to be back. Expect to see more of Del’s father, played with Dean Winters, along with her brothers Carl and Teddy (twins Jon and Jamie Champagne), the couple looking out for Wayne, Primary Cole (Mike O’Malley) along with his buddy Orlando (Joshua J. Williams), as well as those who were around his tail, Officer Jay (James Earl) and Sgt. Stephen Geller (Stephen Kearin). It’s unclear whether or not we will be seeing more of Wayne’s adversaries down in Ocala such as Reggie (Francesco Antonio) or his mother (Michaela Watkins), though, now that he’s been caught and is being forced back up to Brockton. If we had to guess, however, there’s probably still more struggle left to struggle to surround that car, especially if Wayne did not have to haul it up north.


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