“Inspiration is perishable, act on it immediately” Says Varnit Bhardwaj

Varnit Bhardwaj

It’s impossible to predict the growth of knowledge” Says the founder of Brown Bird Media, A Digital marketing agency in Ghaziabad’s founder Varnit Bhardwaj says that once you get knowledge of your field,it’s impossible to predict where it can lead you, at what height it can take you.


As one of the most lucrative industries, Digital Marketing promises to be a highly rewarding career.

Digital Marketing continues to grow and gain popularity each year. As we all know, currently after the pandemic Every small and large business is seeking for customers to recover the loss they have faced for a year,Internet Marketing’s market is dominated by young people who want to leave their mark.

Varnit Bhardwaj who has been working in this digital space since the start of this era, after getting his hands on several things such as Content Writing, Web Designing and Social Media Management started his agency life in 2020 after working as a freelancer and a blogger since 2015.

After serving international clients with his services across the globe either be UK , US, Canada or middle east, he started an agency for growing the small business around and helped them capture more market after the Covid strike. As with any entrepreneur, Varnit began as a one-man band. Currently, he has a team of eight dedicated employees as well as multiple freelancers who work in his office remotely.

With having an interest in tech since childhood, this interest leads him to where he is today.He believes, The key to success is nothing but consistency of whatever you like to do. You just need to be patient with results and impatient with actions and things will come your way.

Explaining the concept of design with his skills of UI/UX he says UI/UX have a wide scope and can be selected as a career to perform and help businesses getting more       business.Interpersonal, collaborative, and communication skills, along with empathy, curiosity, and critical thinking, should be included. Many of these skills are difficult to teach but may have been developed naturally in other job experiences, so they usually benefit from continuous practice.

Furthermore, Varnit believes that now is the best time to get started with blogging and SEO. As a result of Jio’s revolution in the telecom space, Internet usage has increased dramatically and will continue to grow in the future.

His idols for seeking more about life are Gyanvatsal Swami and Sarvpriya Anand ji. He believes in their preaching and follows them. Faith in god and believing in yourself for whatever you do would take you a long way.

He sums up saying “Inspiration is perishable, act on it immediately”.


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