You season 3: All the info on the Netflix series

You season 3

The health crisis did not spare the filming of season 3 of the suspense series, You. Netflix admits the delay and conceives the impatience of the unconditional ones.

It is for this reason that the producer intends to add a touch of originality to this new season.

All information about the Netflix You season 3 series

New characters for the 3rd season of You

While admitting the delay in the closure of season 3 of You, caused by the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 health crisis, Netflix wants to meet the expectations of viewers keen on the series by giving a foretaste of the suspense and the intrigues that will keep them going.

One thing is certain, new characters will appear in this new season, around the terrifying criminal Joe Goldberg.

Maybe new faces in You, but they are, in fact, stars of other TV series!

Netflix announces the entry on the scene of Marienne, the bookseller, played by Auntie Gabrielle from Nouvelles Aventures de Sabrina, by Michaela McManus, an actress in Les Frères Scott, in Vampire Diaries and who will play the role of Natalie, Joe’s neighbor in You.

An ambiguous relationship will arise between her and Joe. It will be the same for Dylan Arnold from the series After who will play the role of a young student, Theo.

You season 3

Creepy story of Joe Goldberg in the You series

In the third season of the series, You will make a brief return in time that will allow you to learn from the past life of Joe Goldberg.

Much of the series’ episodes should certainly reveal a disturbing past and childhood to explain and justify the unpredictable Joe’s home-like attitude.

Why and in what way did it indeed come to this stage? The suspense is maintained because you will be far from imagining the continuation …

You season 3 release date

For now, be patient. Season 3 is not likely to show its nose before the end of this year 2021.


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