Love Victor Season 2: Release Date – Is It Confirmed?

Love Victor Season 2

It has been nearly a year since the release of Love, Victor, and fans have been waiting anxiously to see what’s going to become of their favorite characters. Serving as a spin-off series from the 2018 movie, Love, Simon, the Disney Plus-turned-Hulu original follows a new protagonist, Victor (Michael Cimino), as he navigates his sexuality in high school. Simon (Nick Robinson) makes short appearances in the show and acts as a mentor for Victor, but for the most part, this series revolves around a new set of personalities and follows a new plotline.

Fans of this show will probably be excited to know that Love, Victor was indeed greenlit for another year back in August 2020, per The Hollywood Reporter. However, there were not any specific details concerning the new season that lovers could latch on to. However, Hulu has lately made some exciting statements regarding Love, Victor season 2 that’s sure to have fans hyped. While some details are still kept under wraps, there’s been a handful of information about season 2 that gives fans more insight into what they can expect.

When will season two come out?

Did you hear? Someone simply submitted a major Creek Secret and it is all about when Love, Victor will soon be coming back for season 2. The cast got together for the special announcement and revealed the series will return on June 11. Have a look at their cute video with all the big news below:

Who stars in Love, Victor?

Michael Cimino plays Victor, while George Sear plays with Benji, the gay high schooler whom Victor falls for by the end of season one — breaking the heart of his friend Mia (played by Rachel Hilson) in the procedure. James Martinez and Ana Ortiz play Victor’s hardworking parents.

Season 1 also saw numerous cameo appearances from Love, Simon celebrities, including Nick Robinson, who narrates the messages of support that Simon sends to Victor.

Love Victor Season 2

13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford (who starred in Love,” Simon) has also disclosed that she would”believe” cameoing in Love, Victor season two.

She said: “Love, Simon was among my favorite things that I’ve been around… I feel the series is extremely different. If they ask me to come back, I am certain I would consider it. But I think it’s another perspective with Victor than I’m not in at the moment.”

What’s the plot of Love, Victor Season 2?

With no preview for Love, Victor season 2, it is difficult to pin down what exactly the upcoming installment in the show will look like. But it’s more than likely the next season will pick up right where the first season ended.

After the first season, Victor and Benji eventually act on their feelings for each other and embark on what seems like to become a new connection. However, Mia, who had feelings for Victor, ends up getting hurt when she witnesses the duo kissing. Following these events, Victor returns home to understand that his parents are dividing. With nothing else left to lose, Victor decides to come out to his parents, and the series ends to a cliff-hanger.

With everyone these events taking place at the same time, the very first season set itself up for a stunning sequel. It’s very probable the Love, Victor season 2 will explore the new relationship dynamics that were introduced in the first season finale. It is currently unclear if Victor and Benji are going to be a solid item, particularly with Mia on the sidelines feeling completely hurt. Furthermore, it’s also uncertain how Victor’s parents will react to him coming out. Fans are certain to get these questions answered in Love, Victor season 2.


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