Lucifer Season 5 Part 2: Fans Get Excited With Netflix Hint About Release Date

Lucifer Season 5 Part 2

In late August 2020, streaming platform Netflix released the first half of Lucifer season 5, with a batch of episodes that were devoured within hours by fans.

With the arrival of Michael on earth and the return of Lucifer Morningstar ( Tom Ellis ) to hell, the fights between brothers, Maze and Amenadiel, fans were left wanting to see more about the messy plot of the diabolical drama.

Since then, the regular viewers of the series keep clamoring for the new episodes of season 5 to see how God will finally put an order in the chaos created by his children on earth.

Now, a supposedly promising update on Netflix may have confirmed that the next eight episodes of season 5 will hit screens sooner than many Lucifer fans imagine.

Lucifer Season 5 Part 2

In this sense, the speculation arose after a Lucifer fan noticed that on the Netflix streaming platform, the series was being promoted more than normal, hinting at its imminent return.

Based on the rumor generated by the new fan theory, it suggests that Lucifer season 5B could appear on screens in late March or early April.

The concern led a very observant Reddit fan to say that the fourth and fifth installments of Lucifer had been moved to a different section on their Netflix homepage. this revealed the viewer of the Netflix series:

“Lucifer now appears in the ‘Worth the Wait’ section. And not just mine because the algorithm knows that I see it a lot; I checked the account of my friend, who has never seen the show even once, and it is also included in his. “

The fan believes that what is seen on the platform suggests a soon release of the next episodes. Netflix may be starting to ramp up promotion for the series in time for its next comeback without setting a date. Another fan wrote the following:

“Normally I wouldn’t read into this as ‘worth the wait’ can mean just about anything, but almost every other show in that section is already dated and will all be out in March.”

If the theories are true, fans could expect to see Lucifer season 5b included in the upcoming Netflix release schedule for April 2021.


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