Fear The Walking Dead Season 6B: Premiere Date, Poster And Promo Video Revealed

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6B

The production of the second part of season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead is finally ready after AMC revealed the premiere date, poster, and promotional video that surprises everyone.

Season 6B will explore how Virginia’s control is affecting individuals in the group who once saw themselves as family.

As new alliances are formed, others will be broken and loyalties will change. Being forced to take sides will reveal some new truths.

The date set to broadcast will be from April 4 on AMC +, the season will end with nine episodes, for a total season of 16. This has been the first promotional video.

Recall that the AMC had previously announced that John Glover ( The Good Wife ), Nick Stahl ( Carnivale ), and Keith Carradine had joined the cast.

On top of that, Morgan ( Lennie James ) has been doing his best to free the remaining members of the group from Virginia’s control ( Colby Minifie ), but it won’t be easy. As Virginia continues the desperate search for her sister, she will also face the challenges of protecting those around her.


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