The Good Doctor Season 4: This Say Fans Upset About Lea’s Pregnancy

The Good Doctor Season 4

Season 4 of The Good Doctor has opened the door to a great story in Shaun ( Freddie Highmore ) and Lea ( Paige Spara ) having an unexpected pregnancy. But, it seems that the fans of the show are not very in agreement with this direction that the series has taken.

The news came as a surprise to many fans who were watching, and while some were delighted that “Shea” is going to have a baby, others are upset about the direction of the show.

In the episode she was seen coming home after retrieving Lea’s car from the seizure lot, Shaun told Lea that she had been crazy and that he needed to help her see what the right thing to do, but when Lea confessed to Shaun that she had just Finding out she was pregnant, Shaun was speechless.

The Good Doctor Season 4

This is why fans of the show have been using social media to comment on the direction the show has taken with the story of Lea pregnant.

Although Shaun and Lea will add a baby to their already busy lives, some fans don’t mind watching that story as much. finish. Rather, they want to see more of Morgan ( Fiona Gubelmann ) and Park ( Will Yun Lee ), who have been getting closer since Park moved into Morgan’s place.

It’s unclear what this news means for Shaun and Lea going forward, but when the series returns in two weeks, the two will discuss it with each other, as well as with the likes of Dr. Glassman ( Richard Schiff ) and Claire ( Antonia Thomas ).


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