NCIS Season 18: An Old Character Returns and Arrests Gibbs in Next Episode

NCIS Season 18 Episode 10

CBS plans to launch the next surprising episode of season 18 of the naval crime investigation drama NCIS on March 16, whose teaser released by the broadcast network leaves much to think about.

Everyone is wondering, what did Special Agent Leroy Gibbs do to get him taken into custody? In the video, the NCIS team leader is seen being handcuffed.

Without a doubt, nobody wants to think that Mark Harmon’s character, Leroy Gibbs, has broken the rules to have this consequence that has more than one worried.

The episode of NCIS that will air this week is titled “Watchdog”, it begins with someone arrested for aggravated assault. And apparently, NCIS Inspector General Eugene Coyle ( Hugo Armstrong ) is back.

Recall that the last time NCIS fans saw Coyle, was in episode 16 of season 11 entitled “Dressed to Kill” aired in 2014. Now the inspector is back to arrest the favorite of the viewers of the drama of CBS, Leroy Gibbs.

Promotional teaser for the next episode of NCIS season 18 showing the arrest of Leroy Gibbs

In the most recent episodes of NCIS, fans have witnessed the devastating losses. First, it was Jimmy Palmer’s ( Brian Dietzen ) wife, Breena (played by Michelle Pierce ), who died of COVID.

Then, the departure of Jackeline ‘Jack Sloane from Maria Bello, who left the team and left Gibbs to move to Costa Rica. And in the last episode, the death of Emily, the daughter of Tobias Fornell ( Joe Spano ) because of an overdose.

The behind-the-scenes team of the naval crime investigation series did not find the recent misfortunes enough to now put Leroy Gibbs behind bars.

It only remains to wait for the next episode on Tuesday to find out why Gibbs is handcuffed as he appears in the promotional video. Meanwhile, the logline for this week’s “Watchdog” episode describes the following:

“NCIS discovers a secret dogfighting ring, leading to an unexpected move by one of the team members.”


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