Queen of the South Season 5: When could the final season come to Netflix

Queen of the South Season 5

One of the most popular television series on the USA Network, Queen of the South has gone from strength to strength every season, amassing fans from ever-growing collections, eager to consume more crime drama.

Sadly though, even though it was not originally expected to be the final season, it was announced on March 8 that Queen of the South would come to an end with the season fans are waiting for.

Production was delayed in season five and has taken much longer to air as a result, but it has now been confirmed to start on April 7, 2021, with the caveat that the fifth season of Queen of the South will be three. shorter episodes, with only 10 to complete the show.

Queen of the South Season 5

With the resumption of the program in April 2021, It may not be until April 2022 until the fifth season of Queen of the South is on Netflix. That said, since the show’s fifth season is it’s last and it won’t be added to Netflix to help promote future seasons, we could see it added before April 2022.

All Queen of the South fans has been waiting almost two years for the series to drop its fifth installment. The first trailer that has been revealed for the fifth season promises that the next episodes will bring Teresa closer to her destiny as the largest drug trafficker in the southern United States.

The actress who plays Teresa, Alice Braga, appears to be wearing the striking white suit of her darker alter-ego for most of the new trailer, suggesting that her past, present, and future are finally starting to come together.


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