Love Alarm Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Must Know!!

Love Alarm Season 3

After nineteen long months of waiting, the next season of Love Alarm has already been gone. However, with the next season, it begs the question of whether a third season is happening. We’re still waiting for confirmation by Netflix, but it’s up for debate on whether or not Love Alarm is returning for season 3.

Love Alarm is a Netflix Original amorous K-Drama based on the webtoon of the Identical title by author Chon Kye-Young. The show became the fourth full Netflix Original series from South Korea and is arguably just second in popularity to zombie-horror series Kingdom.

Love Alarm Season 3: Release Date

If Love Alarm is renewed for the season, we would imagine it would be in the Spring of 2022. The first show released in August 2019 and the second one in March 2021, however, it had been set to be released in August 2020.

Season two was delayed on account of the pandemic, therefore we imagine the studio could aspire to release season 3 in August 2021.

However, as this would be too soon, they will probably leave the appropriate yearlong gap, as is with most series, meaning season 3 is expected to release in March 2022.

Love Alarm Season 3

Who’s in the cast?

Again, we do not know for sure we’re even getting another season, so this is all purely speculative. It would be nice to see the familiar faces of Jojo, Hye-Yeong, Sun-oh, and the remainder of the gang again, but it would also be interesting to follow a whole new set of personalities using the Love Alarm app.

A reality show is not a bad idea, since the Love Alarm program does exist IRL.

The storyline of”Love Alarm.”

The plot of this story revolves around the love interest of the 3 main characters, Kim Jo Jo, Hwang Sun Oh, and Lee Hye Yeong. Kim Jo Jo is a high school girl whose life is not easy as others, she lives with her aunt and her daughter also needs to overdo work frequently, working here and there on different changes. The world around her is highly influenced by a mobile app that is capable of detecting if somebody likes you within their vicinity and whether they have feelings for the person. Kim Jo Jo initially did not have the money to buy an upgraded phone to find the program, love alert installed in her device. But Jo jo’s cousin Park Gul Mi needed a man who likes him, to which she rejected the man, and the man was left heartbroken afterward. He wished to gift Park Gul Mi a brand new phone but finally gave it to Jo Jo.

Following the proper utilization of the app, Kim Jo-Jo and Hwang Sun Oh acknowledged their likeness for one another through the application. On the other hand, Lee Hye Yeong, too, has had feelings for Kim Jo Jo for a long time now and tries his manners via the program to tell it.

The program does not show who enjoys you, it simply shows if someone within that radius likes you or not. Developed by a series of events, Kim Jo Jo decides to split with Hwang Sun Oh by installing a shield suggested by the developer of this program. Confusion and misunderstandings strike the core of Hwang Sun Oh, who is left heartbroken, and we see that the further continuation of this story in season 2.


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