Money Heist Season 5: Manila Will Have An Important Role For Denver In The Series

Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist will return soon on the Streaming platform, Netflix and fans are desperate to find out how the gang escapes from the Bank of Spain.

Some fans of Money Heist believe that Manila ( Belén Cuesta ), who joined the main cast in season four as a trans character, will step up her game.

She has connections with Moscow ( Paco Tous ) and Denver ( Jaime Lorente ) as she is the goddaughter of one of her childhood friends. Known as Julia, she posed as one of the hostages during the robbery and is expected to play a bigger role.

Viewers have shared their thoughts on how Manila’s character will evolve, with one saying that she will be the key in Denver’s character development.

Money Heist Season 5

Denver was heartbroken after his father Moscow died in season two. Since then, he has not been the same and fans believe that Manila will be the one to change his personality in Money Heist.

The Manila Cuesta actress is well known in Spain and is expected to have more screen time in the fifth season of Money Heist. There is hope that he will continue to put Arturo ( Enrique Arce ) in his place after their last heated exchange.

Manila had joined the second robbery at the request of Moscow and Denver, as they had promised to look after her, and she acted as a form of crowd control, hiding among the other hostages and communicating with the robbers.

She gave up on her act when Arturo became enraged and grabbed a pistol, and she managed to shoot him with a pistol provided by Denver. Fans can only hope that he continues to shine as an influential character in Money Heist.


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