Stranger Things Season 4: Stories that may take place in the new installment

Stranger Things Season 4

Season 4 of Stranger Things could have several stories that have still been revealed and therefore certain fans have made predictions that would be very interesting to see and there is always the possibility that they will be fulfilled in the Netflix show.

The hellfire club

Stranger Things Season 4

Fans have enjoyed seeing the best duos and friendships formed on the show, but one fan considers the possibility of an evil version. The Hellfire Club could be a group similar to Dustin, Will, Mike, and Lucas, but malevolent.

The story could feature the group targeting Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown ) as their newest member, intending to make use of their powers. It would be an interesting take on the established ground, as the core group would have to prove their worth to Eleven in Stranger Things.

Will realizes that he has powers

Will ( Noah Schnapp ), relegated to the background, has hidden his best features, but he can likely expand. It is considered a story in which Will’s powers begin to manifest.

Stranger Things Season 4

This Stranger Things angle could place him as Eleven’s counterpart, only without the experiments and the traumatic background. Will could develop powers like pyrokinesis, which would explain why he felt so lost in the third installment not knowing what to do.

A plot of time travel

According to one fan theory, there won’t be just one Hopper in Stranger Things season 4, but several through time travel. The story could have several points revised in previous seasons.

It’s certainly out there in terms of credibility, but Upside Down has shown endless possibilities as have the monsters that may or may not appear from there.

What makes this potential scenario one that has some chance of coming true. The story could see a Hopper ( David Harbor ) from a different era helping the heroes save the current Hopper in Stranger Things.


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