Money Heist Season 5: The possible return of Berlin announced by its actor

Money Heist Season 5

The production of season 5 of money heist is in its final stages after it was revealed that few episodes remain to be filmed. But, fans have been dubious about some characters after a post from actor Pedro Alonso.

Recall that the actor Pedro Alonso played Berlin, who died in the final episodes of the second season in a shooting. But, it seems that the actor dropped a great clue.

Some time ago Alonso, published on his Instagram account a photo with one of the new actors who were joining season 5 of Money Heist, Patrick Criado.

However, what most excited viewers were the caption for the image written by Alonso. This read: “Monty and Python, obviously. Not the past, not the future. @ Patrick. Created the present # LCDP5 ”. Now, what do you mean by the present?


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A post shared by Pedro Alonso (@pedroalonsoochoro)

This implied that this scene was taking place in the present time frame, rather than the past in which Berlin only appeared from the second season. If this were true, then this would imply that the character is somehow alive after all.

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Since the photo was published by the actor, theories about his return to the money heist series have not stopped, especially since he died in season 2 of the program.


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