The Irregulars Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Need To Know!!

The Irregulars Season 2

For the umpteenth time, a guy named”Sherlock Holmes” emerges from 221B Baker Street–from 19th century London, from 21st century London, from other obscure Londons and not-Londons–and on our laptop screens. This time it’s through Netflix’s The Irregulars, which finds a Shakespeare-looking Holmes plus a jerk John Watson in their proper Arthur Conan Doyle setting. Sherlock is here both a refreshingly adjusted (well, marginally adjusted) spouse and father in addition to a familiar heroin addict, asshole, and recluse.

Sherlock and Watson, however, are not the focus of the series, which instead follows a set of dirty adolescents living near Baker street. The team appears as the”Baker Street Irregulars” in Conan Doyle’s first Sherlock Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet, in 1897. They pop up occasionally during Conan Doyle’s tales as road boys recruited for intelligence functions.

Netflix’s The Irregulars updates the group to include two women, who become the key characters of the season–and characters far more connected to Holmes and Watson compared to literary forbearers. The series’ writers also have updated the genre, obtaining the Baker Street Irregulars face off against more occult and supernatural powers. We’re not gonna say it is Baker Street Stranger Things, but we’re also not gon to say it’s Baker Street Stranger Things. We are not mad.

But will Netflix cure The Irregulars like a Stranger Things series, or cut it off after the first season?

The Irregulars Season 2 Release Date Info

A typical Netflix drama series releases once per year, so The Irregulars season 2 will presumably release in 2022. Since the streaming service greenlit new episodes, the production process should already be moving together – so early 2022 is likely the soonest the next season could appear.

The Irregulars Season 2

The Irregulars season 2 cast

Mostly it is to be expected the throw of The Irregulars season — specifically Thaddea Graham, Darci Shaw, Jojo Macari, Mckell David, Harrison Osterfield, and Royce Pierreson as Doctor Watson — will return for season two.

Less clear is whether Henry Lloyd-Hughes’ Sherlock Holmes will return, after (spoiler alert) the season one finale saw him sent to another dimension with his spouse Alice (Eileen O’Higgins). Still, Lloyd-Hughes is hoping he can be brought back.

I don’t understand how it’s going to work,. “But, you know, if you can unlock the mysteries of time and space then I will give it a chance. That’s all I will say.”

Additionally, it appears that Clarke Peters’ villain The Linen Man might not go back for season two after his death at the end of season one.

In terms of new characters, it’s uncertain whether we’ll find new versions of classic Sherlock foes — Professor Moriarty, perhaps? — or an onscreen look by Leopold’s mother Queen Victoria, who is mentioned frequently in season one but never appears.

The Irregulars Season 2 Story Details

The Irregulars season 1 on Netflix ends with the protagonists defeating Linen Man, and then trying to prevent the spirit of Bea and Jessie’s mom Alice from transforming Earth into a permanent purgatory. The Irregulars succeed – however, Sherlock abandons his brothers to reunite with his beloved spouse. Leo also decides to begin a brand new life with a woman he barely understands, which unsurprisingly devastates poor Bea. The final image of The Irregulars season 1 shows Dr. Watson reassuring Bea and indicating that he won’t abandon her, meaning that The Irregulars season 2 will be of a character study and explore themes of grief, identity, and friendship. Each of the primary characters is fighting to find their way in the world, but they don’t have each other to rely on.


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