New Amsterdam Season 3: Trailer, Release Date, And What To Expect From Episode 6

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 6

This week New Amsterdam introduced fans to episode 5 of season 3 on NBC, showing how Max Goodwin ( Ryan Eggold ) is feeling about the relationship between Helen Sharpe ( Freema Agyeman ) and Cassian Shin ( Daniel). Dae Kim ).

As fans saw in the unexpected scene, Max unannounced into Helen’s office to tell her about his plan to deal with the blood shortage at the hospital. However, what Max found was not to his liking at all: Helen and Cassian were kissing.

 New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 6

A situation that made the doctor nervous and stuttering, who suddenly seems to have forgotten what he should bring to Helen and left and then had a brief and revealing conversation with her at the end of the day.

New Amsterdam will return through the NBC network next Tuesday, April 6 with the new episode 6 of season 3 entitled “Why, not yesterday”, in which Max will be faced with another problem. The doctor is determined to tackle and fight racism in the hospital.

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 6 Trailer

In episode 6 of the third season, Max is on a mission to fix systemic racism in New Amsterdam. While Bloom treats a patient who reminds him that things are not what they seem.

On the other hand, next week Dr. Helen Sharpe feels overwhelmed while taking care of a family matter, while Reynolds tries to maintain her composure while treating father and son as patients.


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