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Yasuke Season 2: Everything You Need To Know So Far

Yasuke Season 2

The original anime series Yasuke just dropped its first time on Netflix and the show is currently receiving quite the rave since it tells us about the legendary story of Japan’s first black samurai.

The anime currently has a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, which, under 24 hours, is an unbelievable feat, and the favorable reception is only rising by the hour.

Even though this is amazing for the series’ first time, you’re likely wondering if this means even more amazing items for a potential second season.

We are here to inform you whether Yasuke season 2 may be coming your way shortly.

Will There Be A Season 2 Of Yasuke?

At this time, there’s no official statement regarding a second season of the first series since it is still a bit too early to say, but the show’s creator, LeSean Thomas, is pretty optimistic for another season.

Thomas spoke about the reception of the show and how we might have the ability to expectt a continuation for Yasuke. Thomas states:

I can’t say too much, however, the answer has been very great and it would be good to become more than what it is. I’m just really excited for the lovers digging into this, and then we will see. It will be good to have a big splash and keep things going.

While he could not disclose a lot, it does look like LeSean Thomas has plans to continue the series when Netflix grants him the opportunity, which is completely incredible news for its many fans this show has acquired in this short time.

Wired donned Yasuke as a”step ahead” and applauded the series because of its complicated formulation with Thomas, Lakeith Stanfield, and artist Flying Lotus paying off extremely well in the end. It is safe to say there are loads of people who agree also. We just have to wait for Netflix to follow suit.

Though news for season 2 has not yet been announced, we’re hopeful that Yasuke will receive a second season and we can not wait for some good news. Fingers crossed, naturally.

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