Lucifer Season 5B Trailer And All The Interesting Update

Lucifer Season 5B

Netflix has released the very first full-length trailer of the highly-anticipated Lucifer season 5B, offering audiences a look at the complicated relationship between its titular character and his dad, God. Produced by Tom Kapinos and run by Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, the show relies on the DC Comics/Vertigo personality Lucifer created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg. Tom Ellis leads the cast as the ruler of Hell and stars along with Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Kevin Alejandro, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Rachael Harris, and Aimee Garcia.

Lucifer first premiered on Fox in early 2016 to strong evaluations and positive reviews from audiences. It’d proceed to operate for three seasons on the network, though its evaluations dipped with every subsequent season. After being canceled in May 2018, a large fan movement sparked Netflix’s interest in beating the series for season 4. As a result of its success, the streamer renewed it to get what was supposed to be a final season divided into two eight-bunch pliers, however before the first half of debut, it was declared Lucifer season 6 was at the functions for the true finale.

Lucifer Season 5B

Season 5A saw Lucifer return to Los Angeles after going back to Hell in the shocking season 4 finale, reuniting with his love Detective Chloe Decker (German), also facing the arrival of his twin brother, archangel Michael (also Ellis). After the jaw-dropping finale in which God (Dennis Haysbert) came to Earth to avoid the fighting between brothers, per its synopsis, season 5B will see secrets revealed, heroic sacrifices made, and the world changed. The new trailer released by Netflix reveals God electing to retire, causing a battle between Lucifer and Michael over who’ll take God’s place in the universe. Check out the movie, along with some key art, below:

The series has gone through a crazy ride in its five years on the air, from Lucifer having to maintain his real identity a secret in Chloe to the arrivals of both Cain and Eve. This without mentioning the endless debate and questions over Lucifer’s standing as it changed from network to streaming and faced production delays as a result of the continuing pandemic. With another batch of episodes seeing a literal conflict over getting the next ruler of the world along with a guest roster that includes Supernatural’s very own God, Rob Benedict, season 5B is certainly regarded as the very epic chapter of the series nonetheless.

No matter who comes out victorious from the fight to become God, audiences will be the real winners when Lucifer yields for season 5B on May 28. Of course, it will also be entertaining to see what seems like an interesting family therapy session involving Lucifer and his father. Luckily, audiences still have the 10-episode Lucifer season 6 to look forward to also, which will be an exciting conclusion to the series.


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