What To Expect From Young Rock Season 2

Young Rock Season 2

Young Rock has been renewed for season 2 at NBC. The sitcom, co-created by Dwayne Johnson and Nahnatchka Khan, focuses on different times in Johnson’s life. From growing up around professional wrestlers, to his struggles in high school and playing football at the University of Miami, the series takes place in different timelines to reveal crucial moments that could help contour Johnson into the man he’d eventually become.

One notable timeline, which has gained attention from the likes of Stephen Colbert, features Johnson making a bid for president in the year 2032. Although this storyline is largely used to bookend episodes, with Johnson story a teachable moment from his youth, it has yet reignited speculation that Johnson is seriously harboring political aspirations. Given that Young Rock has now been renewed for season 2, the speculation will probably continue.

NBC has granted a renewal to Young Rock season 2. Since debuting in February of this year, the show has been the 2nd highest-rated new comedy at the coveted 18-49 demo. It’s also NBC’s best comedy debut across digital platforms. Critically, the sitcom has also been a victory. Specifically, reviewers have praised the performances of the cast and the optimistic way to storytelling. Kenan, which stars SNL’s Kenan Thompson, was also renewed for another season. This follows the renewal of Ted Danson’s Mr. Mayor in March.

Young Rock Season 2

Young Rock has up to now turned heads with its casting. Adrian Groulx, that portrays Johnson at age 10, has shared heartwarming minutes with the likes of Andre the Giant. Bradley Constant, who takes over the character from age 15, highlights Johnson’s troubled high school years and devotion to his loved ones. Uli Latukefu, who will reunite with Johnson on Black Adam, begins the character’s journey into a sports icon. It is very likely the Young Rock season 2 will continue to tug on these threads, while also offering more insight into the mindset of Rocky Johnson (Joseph Lee Anderson) and Ata Johnson (Stacey Leilua), who each have their fantasies they hope to attain.

If the sitcom continues for more seasons, it’s possible that viewers will see the most important character become WWE superstar The Rock. And, in case it moves even further beyond this, or if it decides to concentrate on different timelines, it might be the case that Johnson’s time in Hollywood is going to be examined. The first season of Young Rock, at just 11 episodes, also did not have enough time to explore all of its different eras with the same thickness and attention. Hopefully, the ancient missteps will be adjusted in season 2.


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