Luke Cage Renewed For Season 3

Luke Cage Season 3

Mike Colter examines the untapped potential of Luke Cage Season 3. Before Disney+, Marvel tried to expand its cinematic universe onto television with multiple series that had little to no connection to the movies. Luke Cage Colter’s title hero, who has unbreakable skin and is the third Netflix series to debut. Two seasons of the series are available on Netflix. Luke Cage is widely regarded It was regarded as one of Marvel’s best shows for streaming. Colter’s performance was praised by critics and fans alike, as well as the portrayal of Harlem other social issues.

Despite all the praise, Luke Cage ended in an unfortunate end, just like the rest of Marvel’s Netflix ventures. This series was cancelled only months after its second season premiered. Iron Fist had been cancelled just one week earlier. This was unexpected considering Luke Cage was supposed to continue to season 3. Marvel Television was dissolution and the Netflix shows were cancelled. Colter made one final appearance in Jessica Jones season 3 as Luke before saying goodbye.

Colter stars today on CBS/Paramount+’s Evil. Colter recently spoke out about what might have happened to Luke Cage during season 3. First, he was asked whether his Jessica Jones appearance brought him closure. Colter said, To be honest, no, it didn’t give me a chance to have any closure,” Colter responded. He then expanded upon how the series could have continued, explaining:

Luke Cage Season 3

There were so many places we could have taken it. There’s obviously the Alias series where Jessica and Luke had a child and had this adult life they were trying to live, and there’s this moment where they are working out their blue collar, making ends meet life together, which is very interesting. There’s the journey that Luke had in his own series with Harlem’s Paradise, where he’s taken over the club, and is he gonna be a bad guy or a guy that is on the other side of the law, and who’s gonna stop him. That was another interesting thing to watch, with him maybe being a little gangster, and that would’ve been cool too. So, I don’t think there’s any closure to it, nor do I feel like we were able to get any of that closure by having the appearance in Jessica Jones, but it is what it is. It’s one of those things where we’ll just never know. There are a lot of shows that live in that space where it’s like, “Oh, man!” It’s unfortunate, but that’s just one of the things that happens in television sometimes.

Luke Cage season two ended with an intriguing cliffhanger. Luke created the title “Sheriff Of Harlem” to try and maintain peace following some dramatic shakeups within the criminal underworld. Colter pointed out that Luke would have struggled with his morality in this storyline, which would have made it a compelling arc. Unfortunately, the Luke Cage tale was just one of many that Netflix cancelled. It seems unlikely that they will return within the MCU. Disney+ is the future.

Colter seems to think that this means he will not get any meaningful closure. Marvel has not commented on the possibility of Netflix characters joining the MCU. Fans have long expressed their desire to see them join. There has been speculation that Charlie Cox’s Daredevil The following will be available: Spider-Man – No Way Home This is not to say that there aren’t other Netflix leads. Things have been quite quiet in relation to a possibility. Luke Cage Resurrection. Colter as Luke would be a nice return, especially considering his great performance. However, at this moment, it doesn’t look like that is possible.


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