Loki: Sylvie responsible for creating the X-Men in the MCU?


Could Loki’s female alter ego be responsible for bringing the X-Men to the MCU?

Since Disney’s acquisition of Fox and their arrival in the MCU official, many fans have wondered how the X-Men will be introduced to the House of Ideas cinematic universe. If some theories would like that the Blip favored the mutation of certain humans, others suggest that their arrival could be the work of the Multiverse. It is, in particular, the principle defended by which sees in Sylvie, the female alter-ego of Loki, the main person in charge. Specifically, in Episode 2 of the Disney + series, the heroine created numerous timelines by sabotaging the main timeline.


For the moment the show worn by Tom Hiddleston has indeed refrained from showing what happened in the other realities created by Sylvie, the following episodes have focused on the quest of the two Lokis to escape from Laminitis-1 and regain the TVA to destroy it. By making the Sacred Timeline her target, Sylvie created new realities in which the mutant gene could have developed. The latter could have taken shape very quickly and be assimilated to a Nexus, the VAT being therefore unable to correct this. It remains to be seen, however, if this theory is confirmed, how the X-Men will be able to make their way to the MCU’s main timeline!


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