Loki: Chris Hemsworth’s Cameo In Episode 5 That Everyone Missed


Did you spot that Chris Hemsworth cameo in Loki Episode 5?

Only a few more days before discovering the final episode of Loki. Needless to say, the more the hours go by, the more the tension rises, fans of Marvel Studios hoping for a final climax. But before having the pleasure of discovering who is behind the VAT, let’s go back for a moment to episode 5 broadcast last week on Disney +. The latter titled Journey into Mystery and which propelled Croki, aka Alligator Loki, to the forefront (even if the latter looks pale without CGI) also allowed the series to discover the realm of other Loki variants. A hilarious sequence in which hides an amazing Chris Hemsworth cameo.


Yes yes, you read that right. It such a stealthy cameo that most fans missed it. And yet, as Loki descends underground to hide with the other variants, a tiny jar labeled T365 can be seen in the debris stuck underground. In the latter is locked a miniature version of Thor, a toad named Throg (appeared in issue 365 of the comics). And guess who recorded this character’s growls? Chris Hemsworth, of course! A fun fact unveiled by the director of the series Kate Herron. A tribute to the God of Thunder in the show is unlikely to overshadow his half-brother. In the same vein, discover all the other easter eggs present in episode 5 of Loki.


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