Manifest Canceled After 3 Seasons: The Series Almost Broke A New Record On Netflix

Manifest Season 3

While Manifest was canceled after three seasons and Netflix refused to save the series, the supernatural show almost broke a record on the streaming platform.

This is very sad news for all fans of the mysterious drama. A few weeks ago, NBC announced that it would not be renewing Manifest. Thus, the series stopped at the end of season 3 when the showrunner had planned a race of 6 seasons … Suffice to say that the final episode of the series was therefore particularly frustrating since no mystery has been resolved. The serievores, who devoured all three seasons, will never get their questions answered. And if Jeff Rake tried everything to save Manifest, Netflix declined the proposal … However, the series almost broke a new record on the American streaming platform.

Manifest Season 3

Shortly after releasing its first two seasons on the streaming service (on the US platform), the supernatural-hued family drama debuted on Netflix’s daily “Top 10” add-on and ranked No. 2, then quickly reached first place. Thus, Manifest remained for 27 consecutive days on the podium. However, the series was finally dethroned this Saturday, July 10, after the release of season 3 of Virgin River. Manifest is therefore one of the series that has remained in the first place the longest, thus finding Netflix’s Tiger King. Alone Ginny & Georgia has proven (a little) more popular consistently, having spent a record 29 consecutive days at No.1. This detail proves how popular Manifest was and for fans, this cancellation is an outrage. Nonetheless, the showrunner promised to find a solution to narrate the end of Manifest.


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