What To Expect From Hanna Season 3

Hanna Season 3

Amazon Prime’s drama Hanna gained huge popularity as soon as it was released. Just two weeks after the first season’s release, Amazon announced that Hanna would soon be receiving a third. Season three of the show is now supposed to be coming soon, even though it’s been more than a decade. David Farr, also known for his work as the theatre director and Associate Director at the Royal Shakespeare, is the show’s creator. He also created shows like Troy and Paani. Farr spoke out about the ongoing work in the show.

It is believed that the old cast will return to the show for the next season. Mireille Enos, who plays Marissa Wiegler in the new season, will return. Esme Creed-Miles will play Hanna. John Carmichael’s return will be made by Dermot Mulroney. Sandy Phillips will be represented by Aine Rose Dahl. Joel Kinnaman, Cherrelle Skeete and Terri Miller will also be returning to their roles as Erik Heller. It is not believed that a new cast will join the show.

When And Where Did Hanna Come From?

Season 1 of Hanna was released on the OTT platform Amazon Prime in 2019. Hanna wasn’t the only one to experience it. Hanna starred in Saoirse Ronan’s 2011 film. She was an assassin, the daughter of a former CIA agent. She arrived in Europe to complete her mission. People were already in awe of the movie’s thrill. The TV show, however, had new gritty and grounded missions. Although the first two episodes were very similar to the movie’s, the story grows more complex and astonishing as it continues.

Each season contains eight episodes. Each episode captures Hanna’s story beautifully and keeps the viewers on edge. Hanna is on a mission to kill Marissa Wiegler (CIA operative), in the movie. The movie begins with Hanna being kidnapped and how she became stuck in the mission.

Hanna Season 3

What Happened In The Final Episode?

Hanna stops Sandy from killing Kat Gelder. Robert Gelder however, died before Utrax leaked its paper to the media. Utrax organizes their rescue as Hanna tries to get away with Marissa’s documents. Carla and Kat get into a fight with Leo and kill Grant at the villa. They also injures Carmichael in his shoulder. It turns out that Carmichael had been exposed to Utrax by giving hints to Gelder. Marissa and Hanna try to blackmail him into joining Utrax’s team. This becomes more complicated when Utrax is revealed to be Terri. He tries desperately to save Clara, her mother, and the evidence by deleting it.

Clara and her mom in the season finale by deleting all evidence, also known as the people behind Utrax. They have identified a list of young people who could potentially threaten their power in the future. They don’t shy away from murdering children and are open to kidnapping and killing babies. The series ends with “So, What Now” leaving many conspiracy theories for the next season.

When Is The Season 3 Coming?

Farr told me that there are no set date yet for season 3. Farr is eager for everyone to get together and work on the production. He said that he was grateful to Amazon, NBCU, and NBCU for continuing this amazing show. When he spoke about the show’s story, he stated that Hanna’s childhood was a part of his drama. It will make her question her identity and challenge her in completely new ways. Mireille Enos, Esme Creed-Miles, and Mireille Endos were also acknowledged for their continued roles. They are tremendous talents and are crucial to our characters as we take Hanna, Marissa and others into unknown territory. He stated that it would be an exciting final act.


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