Ragnarok’s Star Says There’s “one drawback” To Possible Skam Reunion

Herman Tømmeraas

Ragnarok the Norwegian mythology-based drama for teenagers, has been relaunched by Netflix for a second season. A third season is not yet announced but is highly anticipated.

The show feels like a lot of Scams. It is a modern Norwegian teenage drama that aired from 2015 through 2017. It became extremely popular across the globe despite licensing issues. However, the show was a smash hit thanks to strong word of mouth online regarding its strong representations of sexuality and mental well-being.

Both shows have an actor, Herman Tommeraas. Therefore, when we got to speak with Tommeraas about Ragnarok we couldn’t resist asking Skam.

“The budget for the first season of the show was zero-to-no. It was a small casting and very small crew. It was a small thing,” said he. “But there were some feelings in it and the idea was there. Everything was completely new.

“And it took off. In every sense of this word, I never imagined that being possible. I am still getting messages from Asia. They are from people watching Skam. It’s incredible, hilarious, heart-warming, and just so wonderful.

When asked whether he would be interested in being in a reunion he responded: “You don’t know, one day maybe there will be a show about it.” It might happen one day. You never know. The problem is that my character can’t be imagined being any other. This is the biggest drawback.

“Christoffer is] likely going to be the same character, with the exact the same hoodie. It would be fun, though.


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