Johnny Depp Gets Permission To View His Ex-wife Amber Heard Donation Records To The ACLU

Johnny Depp

According to the theory behind childhood permission, Mom should not say no. Dad should ask. Johnny Depp Was shut down after he sued the parent firm of, he settled in the U.K.The SunFor libel. He was called a “wife-beater” by the newspaper in a headline. Although the court ruled there was legitimate evidence supporting his name-slinging, Depp has maintained that the allegations against him are a “true allegation.”hoax” His team tried appealing Hail MaryThe claim that his ex-partner was pregnant. Amber Heard Not all of the money she received from her divorce settlement was given to the charities she claimed.

Heard will soon be able to bring a similar suit in the U.S. against him. She wrote an article in 2018 on how to survive domestic abuse. A Virginia court recently ruled it was clear that the article was about Depp. But he was not named. Depp’s staff is hoping for a different result by trying to evidence Depp’s lack of charity payments before time.

Depp’s lawyer argued that Heard’s promise of paying $7 million to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles as well as the American Civil Liberties Union ($ACLU) had “tipped” the scales in favor of Depp right from its beginning.

USA Today now reports that a New York Judge has granted his request for records at the ACLU. He claims that she isn’t as altruistic in 2016 when she split.

Heard, on the other hand, is proud to have all confirmed through her attorney Elaine Bredehoft Payments would be made over 10 years, and not in full immediately. “We have the ACLU documentation on how much she owns. Although she has stated her full intention to continue to donate $7 million, she doesn’t have the funds. She will make it happen when she is able. Bredehoft noted that she has given a lot of her time to both.


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