Fraud Got Money On His Account In The Name Of Treatment Of Ayansh Of Patna Suffering From Rare Disease, Know The Whole Matter


The issue of Ayansh, Who is suffering from a rare disease, Has been raised to the Bihar Legislature. Rs 16 crore is required for the treatment of Ayansh, A resident of Patna. In view of this, From the public representatives to the common people, They are pleading for help for his family. Many people have also come forward for help, But some people have also started the business of cheating in the name of this child’s disease. When a similar case came to the fore, Ayansh’s father has complained to the police. He told that some unknown person has started asking for money in his account in the name of treatment of his child. He has also provided the thug’s mobile number to the police.

People Sending Money To The Child’s Father For Treatment


Ayansh’s father Alok Kumar Singh has lodged a written complaint in this regard at Rupaspur police station. The police are investigating the matter. Mr. Singh, A resident of flat number 110-A of Sunrise Apartment, Rupaspur Saubhagya Sharma Path, has told that Rs 16 crore is required for the treatment of his child. For this, People from the country and abroad are sending help money through phone pay, google pay and Paytm number 9431089721. 

Forgery Is Being Done With The Name Of Shivani Pandey

He told that in the name of treatment of his child, The details of his child have been posted continuously through a Facebook account made in the name of Shivani Pandey by forgery. Also, in the name of helping the child, money is being called by giving fraudulent phone Pe, google pay and Paytm’s second number (7370822725). SHO Madhusudan Kumar said that Alok Kumar Singh has given a written complaint. The matter is being investigated.


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