Nazima Rape Scene: This Actress Gave The Most Rape Scenes In Bollywood, But Died At The Age of 27

Nazima Rape Scene

There have been many such actresses in the Hindi cinema world whose performance and whose beauty is still appreciated. Even after many years, people remember his character and his films. Some of the actresses said goodbye to the world from that list and some have become old. Today we will tell you about an actress who created panic as soon as she entered the film world, but she also disappeared within a short time.

We are talking about Najima, the actress who has given the most rape scenes in Bollywood and has been in the limelight. Najima earned a lot of names in Bollywood and made headlines. The atrocities committed on women were filmed in the films of that era and most of the stories revolve around women. During that time, Najima used to become a supporting actress. Sometimes she became a heroine’s sister and sometimes a friend. Najima created a lot of sensation with her side role.

Nazima Rape Scene

When Najima, who always played a side role, was only 22 years old, her discussion was more than the lead actresses. People started liking Najima more than the lead actress of the film. He used to talk everywhere, but the time had accepted something else.

This actress, who gained fame at a young age, left the world at the age of just 27. Najima’s death had a severe shock on the film industry. Najima was suffering from cancer and her condition continued to deteriorate, due to which she died. Let us tell you that Najima had spread her acting skills in many films like ‘Ziddi’, ‘Arzoo’, ‘April Fool’, ‘Aaye Din Bahar Ke’, ‘Aurat’ and ‘Whi Ladki’.


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