Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2: Release Date, Story And More

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2

Brand New Cherry Flavor officially dropped its first season on Aug. 13! This unique series is filled with ominous vibes as well heart-pumping jumpscares. It also features adorable kittens.

These qualities explain why the new release is already garnering so much attention and why many were thrilled to have such a fun season 1 binge-watching session. But will they be able tv-watch Brand New Cherry flavor season2?

Many are wondering if this series will get another season. We are also wondering about the fate of the show. So we’re here with all the information we have so far on Brand New Cherry Flavor season 2.

Check it out, down below.

Brand New Cherry Flavor season 2 release date (expectations)

The release of the show sometime in the future or this year would not be unreasonable. However, it is dependent on whether the original series will receive an additional season. We will hopefully hear the good news!

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2

What Is The Brand New Cherry Flavor And How Do You Use It?

Brand New Cherry Flavor season 2 debuted on Netflix on August 13, 2021. This miniseries features 8 episodes that are between 40-50 minutes long.

The bizarre series follows Lisa (the protagonist) on a wild and crazy journey of drugs, dark magic, and her aspirations to become a filmmaker. Lisa decides to seek revenge on a Hollywood producer for taking her idea for a short film.


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