Trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home leaked


Sony has yet to release Spider-Man: No Way Home, and its trailer has been kept under wraps. Until this weekend, that is. There have been rumors that someone leaked the trailer online, so it is now available for viewing.

According to Screenrant

Reports have run wild that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are returning in the sequel since No Way Home will be dealing with the multiverse. That has yet to be confirmed, but a few other big names are returning for the sequel.

Alfred Molina is returning as Doc Ock, who last played the character in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. A villain from Garfield’s series is also making a comeback, with Jamie Foxx being cast as Electro. Other characters like Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin have also been rumored for Spider-Man: No Way Home, but if those casting rumors are true, they probably won’t be confirmed until the movie premieres.

There have been copyright warnings issued by Sony and bootlegs and copies of the trailer are being removed from every site it finds. Sony will most likely remove these after you read this, so we won’t link to any of these anymore. Tom Holland returns in the lead role of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Benedict Cumberbatch reprises his Doctor Strange role as well. The film is directed by Jon Watts.

The leaked trailer is too detailed for us; the copy we ended up finding was pretty horrible as it was just another smartphone being recorded. Wassila Lmouaci was the VFX artist who watermarked the trailer with the name of the movie and Thor: Ragnarok.



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