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Karen (film 2021)

Every now and then, a film emerges that defies all logic. Enter Karen, a horror film that takes advantage of the never-ending theme of entitled white women being the worst, especially when it comes to people of colour.

Before the film’s release in Sept of 2021 , it received some backlash online. Many people are comparing it to Jordan Peele films and claiming that it seems like an SNL spoof. However, it turns out that some individuals are inquisitive enough to watch it and decide for themselves how they feel about it. If you’re one of them, here’s where you can find out more about the release date and other details.

Karen: Release Date 

Karen will be released on Tuesday, Sept. 14 although it’s a miracle it’s being released at all following its online reception. After the trailer for Karen was released in June 2021, Twitter expressed its displeasure with the film, claiming that it was at best a knockoff of Jordan Peele’s 2017 hit picture Get Out.

Karen: Cast

Coke Daniels, who previously helmed ‘Fruits of the Heart,’ wrote and directed the picture.‘Karen White’ is played by Taryn Manning, who is most known for her part in Netflix’s ‘Orange is the Black.’

Cory Hardrict, who is best known for his role on Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, plays Malik, the neighbor, alongside Jasmine Burke, who is best known for her role on Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta.

Karen: Plot

Karen has been used as a slang term for white women who engage in racist behavior toward Black people, with specific mockery directed at women who habitually request to speak to the manager.

One thing we didn’t expect from 2021 was a movie about a racist white woman named Karen, but thanks to BET, that’s precisely what we got. Karen is the precise title of the film, which tells the narrative of a Black couple who relocates to a middle-class neighborhood in the South. Their lives, however, are turned upside down when their prejudiced neighbor, Karen, reveals her true colors.

The film shows a Black family moving into a new house with a neighbour named Karen.

The neighbor, played by Orange is the new Black star Taryn Manning, who takes issue with the family’s skin color.The film shows many different events where there is conflict, such as a scene where the problematic neighbor threatens to talk to the manager about a Black family in a restaurant.

Karen says her Black neighbor is slaving away in the kitchen and describes the Black family as angry as the movie proceeds to play on stereotypes. Manning’s character even calls the cops on some suspicious youths in the film, which turns into a conflict.

The film concludes with the two neighbors pointing weapons at each other, and Karen is overheard saying that people who don’t cooperate face horrible consequences.

Karen: Trailer 

It’s for Karen, a BET original film about a Karen named Karen who Karens. When Malik (Cory Hardrict) and Imani (Jasmine Burke) move to a posh neighborhood, their cartoonishly wicked neighbor Karen (Trump supporter Taryn Manning, sporting a wig that makes her hairline start at the back of her head) sets out to destroy them. She describes them as enraged and violent. She enlists the help of her shady cop brother.

Her powder room’s soap dispenser? You can bet there’s a Confederate flag on it. When a brunch buddy inquires about Karen’s new neighbors, Karen can only respond, They’re Black, with a villain’s eyebrow lifted so high it high-fives the wig-line. It’s a made-for-TV thriller directed by a man named Coke and starring a QAnon truther whose name actually rhymes with Karen, so there’s no room for nuance. Wendy Williams, at the very least, appears to be into it.



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