It Came from Below (2021) Release date, Cast, Trailer, Plot


It Came from Below (2021)

It Came from Below is a British science-fiction horror film released in 2021 about a group of friends who are pursued by a ferocious creature… from another world in a cave.

Uncork’d Entertainment has released a poster, trailer, and images for writer-director Dan Allen’s upcoming horror It Came From Below, which follows a group of friends as they head deep underground with the intention of exploring the caves, only to be hunted down by a creature from another world; take a look here…

It Came from Below: Release Date

Megan Purvis, Tom Taplin, Jake Watkins, and Georgie Banks star in It Came From Below, which will be released on digital platforms on September 10th.

It Came from Below (2021): Cast

Megan Purvis … Jessie Harper

Becca Hirani … Ranger Grace

Tara MacGowran … Georgie

Georgie Banks … Joanna Frake

Kate Sandison … Melanie

Jake Watkins … Sam Turner

Antonia Johnstone … Leanne

Zoe Purdy … Zuza

Howard j Davey … Ranger Frank

Tom Taplin … Marty Allen

Stuart Packer … Jessie’s Dad

Luke Bailey … Thomas

Richard Lovell … Follower

Tony Goodall … Priest

Luke Robinson … Creature

It Came from Below (2021): Plot

A group of pals are pursued by a beast… from another world… in the caves.Certain plot details are hazy, and there’s a lot of walking around in the dark, like in most cave movies. Despite this, director Dan Allen and co-writer Sam Ashurst, as well as composer Greg Birkumshaw, have created a film that is unexpectedly powerful (Bats).

Commander Pete Mathews (Kenneth Tobey), the captain of a nuclear submarine on drills in the Pacific Ocean, comes into contact with a large sonar return. The commander tries but fails to outrun and outmaneuver the sonar object.

Even though the boat is crippled, it is able to free itself and return to Pearl Harbor. The submarine’s dive planes are discovered packed with tissue from a massive aquatic monster.

Professor Lesley Joyce (Faith Domergue) and John Carter (Donald Curtis) of Harvard University are summoned, and the tissue is identified as a little piece of a giant octopus. The military officials are skeptical at first, but after hearing reports of missing soldiers, they are eventually persuaded.

After receiving stories of missing swimmers and ships at sea being pushed under by a gigantic sea creature, military authorities are eventually persuaded. Both scientists believe the species is from the Mindanao Deep, where it was displaced from its usual habitat due to nearby hydrogen bomb testing, which rendered the huge octopus radioactive and cut off its natural food supply.

The monster itself is said to be an alien stranded on Earth, however there is no evidence of this. And there are certainly more effective ways to return to its origins than hiding in a cave and eating people.

Especially when it appears to have psychic abilities that, like everything else, it lacks. The script for It Came from Below left a lot of questions unanswered. With a bug-like head and vicious claws, the creature at least looks good. It’s mildly entertaining, but it’s riddled with flaws. It Came from Below is superior to many of Jeffery’s works…” Balcony Voices (Voices from the Balcony)

The inside scenes of the cave are spooky and dark, building the tone long before we see any signs of a creature on screen. The horrors of It Came from Below are significantly more apparent because we actually care about these folks (at least the siblings) Suspension of disbelief is required, especially as the plot progresses to the second half. It Came from Below may just soothe that cave-monster itch if you’re still hankering for The Descent Part III.” Josh at the Cinema

It Came from Below (2021): Trailer 

Jessie and her companions venture deep below to discover what happened to her father, who claimed that a monster dwells in the caves and has murdered his buddies. They’ll be pursued by a dangerous creature from another world if they don’t find out the truth.


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