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Nicolas Cage’s filmography includes a wide range of genres. When he played alongside John Travolta in “Face/Off,” in which the two actors switch faces, he proved he wasn’t afraid to get strange and wild with his flicks back in the 1990s. The actor most recently made headlines with his drama “Pig,” which follows a man on a quest to find his stolen pig. He’s not slowing down on the Cage-Naissance any time soon, as he’s set to play himself in the upcoming “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” in which he’ll play his most odd persona to yet.

That’s a lot of “Cage-esque” parts, which is why his comments about his next film are so intriguing. He said that “Prisoners of the Ghostland” “could be the strangest movie [he’s] ever created” when talking about it (via IndieWire). That comes after he starred in a film in which he tackles a group of animal animatronics from a children’s birthday restaurant.

“Prisoners of the Ghostland” appears to be an interesting horror/thriller that you should keep an eye out for. Here’s all we know so far about the impending project.

Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021) : Release Date 

Some people have already had the opportunity to see “Prisoners of the Ghostland.” On January 31, 2021, the film had its global premiere at the Sundance Film Festival (via Variety). Those who have seen it have mostly praised it, calling it a strange adventure that more than holds your attention as you see Nic Cage deliver another insane performance. Fortunately, the rest of us won’t have to wait long for another gonzo Nic Cage feature, as the studio has confirmed that it will be released in theatres on September 17, 2021.

Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021) : Cast

For some, Nicolas Cage’s mere presence in the picture is enough, and his collaboration with Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono is a match made in heaven. Sono’s career has been called as “idiosyncratic” by Variety, a description that may also be used to Cage’s. However, for the director’s English-language debut, he’s gathered an all-star supporting cast to back up Cage and the interesting environment he finds himself in at this time.

Sofia Boutella (“Kingsman: The Secret Service”) plays Bernice, Ed Skrein (“Alita: Battle Angel”) plays an unspecified role, Nick Cassavetes (“Face/Off”) plays Psycho, Bill Moseley (“House of 1000 Corpses”) plays The Governor, and Tak Sakaguchi (“Re:Born”) plays Yasujiro in this film. It’s a brilliant ensemble, with plenty of experience in the horror and action genres, which surely helped “Prisoners of the Ghostland” tremendously. It appears that the film will combine many styles to create a unique cinematic experience.

Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021) : Plot

You might be wondering what makes “Prisoners of the Ghostland” any different from the rest of Nic Cage’s films up to this time. To persuade you, Collider published the following official synopsis: “A violent bank robber (Cage) is freed from prison by wealthy warlord The Governor (Moseley), whose adopted granddaughter Bernice (Boutella) has gone missing in the hazardous frontier metropolis of Samurai Town. In exchange for retrieving the runaway, the Governor grants the prisoner his freedom. The bandit sets off on a trip to find the young woman — and his own path to redemption — strapped with a leather outfit that will self-destruct in five days.”

That is all there is to it. Worlds of nightmares. Get-ups with a bang. As well as bad curses. There will almost certainly be some shocks thrown into the mix, so go into this film with an open mind and an open readiness to accept anything. The year 2021 is shaping up to be a good one for Cage. He’s also appeared in “Willy’s Wonderland” and “Pig” in addition to this picture. Of course, the more Cage in our lives, the better for most of us.

Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021) : Trailer 

Prisoners of the Ghostland, the latest film from Tokyo Vampire Hotel director Sion Sono, starring Cage as a bank robber who is sentenced to prison for his latest daring heist. He escapes thanks to the machinations of The Governor (genre legend Bill Moseley), a post-apocalyptic authority figure who offers our hero a lethal deal. He can walk free if he can venture out into the Ghostland and collect the Governor’s granddaughter Bernice (Sofia Boutella).

But there’s a catch, which any Suicide Squad comics reader will appreciate: Cage has five days to bring Bernice back, or the explosives on the leather suit he’s wearing will detonate, obliterating his head, arms, and legs.

Prisoners of the Ghostland premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where it blew the doors off the place and received excellent reviews for its imaginative, bizarre storyline. We’re only a few weeks away from the film’s global release, and based on this trailer, it’ll be the kind of picture you’ll want to watch at midnight, gripping your seat and holding on for dear life thanks to the pure adrenaline rush of it all.


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