Mayday movie 2021 Review, Film summary & cast


Mayday upcoming Movie (2021)

If you’re anything like the RUSSH crew, you’ve already binge-watched HBO’s newest blockbuster show, Nine Perfect Strangers. Assuming you’re as intrigued by the show’s cultic vibes as we are, you’re probably already familiar with Grace Van Patten, one of the series’ breakout stars. It’s evident after just one episode why Van Patten’s talents are causing such a stir, and her upcoming film, Mayday, is her newest war cry.

With the release of the trailer just a few days ago, this reimagined war film places its female leads front and center. Mayday is a film about a group of young women who spend their days on a rocky coast, luring unwary men to their deaths by posing as ‘damsels in distress.’ If I’ve ever seen a feminist fable, this is it… Despite being swept up in the excitement at first, Van Pattens’ character, Ana, eventually realizes that this isn’t the kind of revolution’ she wants to be a part of.

Van Patten is now working on a number of projects in addition to the film. It was reported earlier this month that the star to watch would be starring in the cinematic adaptation of Tell Me Lies; which is unquestionably exciting.

Mayday is due to premiere on October 1 in both theatres and on demand, but there’s no word yet on whether this date applies to Australian audiences as well. In any case, we’ll be waiting for additional information with bated breath. In the meantime, here’s all we know about Mayday, the highly awaited film.

Mayday (2021) : Release Date 

Magnolia Pictures is set to release “Mayday” theatrically and on-demand in the United States on October 1, 2021, despite the fact that it was first shown to Sundance Film Festival attendees in January. That means it’ll be available to screen in both movie theatres and living rooms across the country almost nine months after its festival premiere earlier this year. The film will, notably, have to compete for viewers with the upcoming “Sopranos” prequel, “The Many Saints of Newark,” as well as “The Addams Family 2,” as both films are also set to open on October 1. 

Thankfully, unlike those two films, “Mayday” is not a prequel or sequel, but rather a completely new picture with no pre-existing properties or franchises. As a result, when “Mayday” premieres this autumn, it should stand out a little from the crowd. However, whether or not the picture will be able to generate enough buzz to be a standout title this year remains to be seen.

Mayday (2021) : Cast

Soko, Havana Rose Liu, Juliette Lewis, and Théodore Pellerin join Van Patten and Goth as Ana and Marsha, respectively. Mayday is also the feature film debut of renowned filmmaker Karen Cinorre, who was inspired to make the film by both classic stories and literature. 

Mayday (2021) : Plot

Mayday” focuses on Ana (Grace Van Patten), a hotel worker whose boss regularly abuses and harasses her. However, during a power outage, Ana follows a mysterious female voice into a lit gas oven, only to find herself subsequently transported to a beautiful island.

Once there, Ana meets a militant group of female warriors who mostly live on a submarine, including Marsha (Mia Goth) and June (Juliette Lewis). Gradually, it becomes clear that the group’s principal goal is to execute any male soldiers who come close to the island. Throughout her time on the island, Ana grows closer to Marsha but also feels herself pulling increasingly away from the murderous intent of the other women. As a result, Ana is forced to decide between staying on the island or returning to her life away from it.

The film promises to be a morally ambiguous action fantasy with strong feminist themes. Fortunately, viewers will get to find out exactly what “Mayday” does with its various themes and dramatic questions in just a few short weeks when it debuts in theatres and on-demand on October 1.

Mayday (2021) : Trailer

Ana (Van Patten), disillusioned and understandably scared, awakens to find herself stranded on a craggy and, she believes, lonely seashore. That is, until she encounters a gang of female soldiers who pose as damsels in distress in order to entice males to commit suicide by using radio signals to attract their attention.

Ana swiftly joins the other women, training, learning their methods, and connecting with their leader, Marsha, whether out of a need to survive or a desire for adventure (Mia Goth). Ana realises, however, that she is not the murderer the female army wants her to be as the bloodshed escalates.


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