South of Heaven Movie 2021 review, cast, trailer and plot


South of Heaven Movie 2021

Aharon Keshales directs “South of Heaven,” an American crime thriller drama film.

Jason Sudeikis plays Jimmy, Evangeline Lilly plays Annie, Michael Colter plays Schmidt, Shea Whigham plays Schmidt, Jeremy Bobb plays Frank, Michael Paré plays Joey, Amaury Nolasco plays Manny, Tina Parker plays Alice, Ben Hicks plays Prison Guard, Jaime Zevallos plays Julio, and others star in the film.

The trailer, story summary, full cast and characters, release date, streaming providers, and all we know so far about the film “South of Heaven” are all available here.

South of Heaven (2021) : Release Date

Because the prospective release dates of the film are sometimes subject to change due to COVID-19, be sure to check back frequently for the most up-to-current South of Heaven release date.

The release date for “South of Heaven” was set for October 8, 2021, with RLJE Films and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment handling distribution (UPHE).

South of Heaven (2021) : Cast

Here is the full cast and characters of “South of Heaven” movie. Actors and actresses are sorted mostly in credits order.

Jason Sudeikis 

as Jimmy

Evangeline Lilly 

as Annie

Mike Colter 

as Price

Shea Whigham 

as Schmidt

Jeremy Bobb 

as Frank

Michael Paré 

as Joey

Amaury Nolasco 

as Manny

Tina Parker 

as Alice / parole board

Ben Hicks 

as Prison Guard

Jaime Zevallos 

as Julio

Greg Hill 

as Sam

Julius Gregory 

as Bouncer

Christina Gonzalez 

as Bar Patron

Marque Hernandez 

as Mexican Villager

Thaddeus J. Mixson 

as Tommy

Stacey A Sheffield 

as Price Muscle #1

Freddy Waff 

as The Courier

  1. Darrell Turner 

as Hospital Visitor

Christian Stokes 

as Muscle Man

Simone Haines 

as Bowler

Jason Allen Wear 

as Bar Patron / Bartender

Ruben Gary Martinez 

as Warehouse Worker

Jessica Swinney 

as Bar Patron

Dean Morgan 

as Restaurant Patron

Samantha Garcia 

as Bowling Patron

Tony Spurgin 

as Bar Patron

Eleanor T. Threatt 

as Housekeeper

Kevin Brooks 

as Inmate #1

Charlie Hodges 

as Parole Board Member

Miguel Andrews 

as Bar Area Patron

Micah Greenlee 

as Prep School Kid

Jose Ramirez 

as Joselito / borracho

Rachel Rice 

as Bowler

John Louis 

as Dad At Wedding

Hanna Glenn 

as Bar Patron

Craig Cole 

as Goon

Terrie Cooklin 

as Parole Board Member

Danny Miller 

as Bar Patron

Sandra Ray Tindol 

as Restaurant patron

Gedeon Bring 

as Bowling Alley Patron / Prep School Kid

Dave Bass 

as Warehouse Worker

Melinda Garay 

as Bowling Alley Patron


as Prep school student

Isaiah Finley 

as Self – Bartender

John Biscardi 

as Warehouse Worker

Aaron Neal James 

as Prep School Student

Charles McCarty 

as Chauffer

Reina Gutierrez 

as Bar Patron

Natasha Campbell 

as Bowling Alley Patron

Jason Neal James 

as Warehouse Worker

Mya Holloway 

as Prep school kid

South of Heaven (2021) : Plot

After serving twelve years in prison for armed robbery, Jimmy (Jason Sudeikis) is granted early parole. He swears to give Annie (Evangeline Lilly), his childhood sweetheart who is now dying of cancer, the best last year of her life upon his release, but it’s not that simple.

They are elite killing machines with government funding. After a botched procedure, their previous boss is now on the run. Brandon begins to have a regular life with Rachael and her kid after being on the run for four years, until his history catches up with him. He must not only face the ultimate killing machine but also the demons from within his own psyche, as he is watched at every turn.

South of Heaven (2021) : Trailer

The official trailer for the upcoming crime thriller drama South of Heaven, starring Jason Sudeikis and Evangeline Lilly, has been released by RLJE Films. On October 8, the film will be released in cinemas and on VOD.

In the trailer for South of Heaven, Sudeikis plays Jimmy, a criminal who is granted early parole due to the death of his sweetheart. Their final year together, however, is marred by Jimmy’s re-entry into difficulties with a local crime leader.

Jimmy, a convicted felon who served twelve years in prison for armed robbery, is granted early parole,” according to the official summary. “Upon his release, he resolves to give his dying cancer-stricken girlfriend Annie the best year of her life. But things are never that simple, and Jimmy’s parole officer assigns him a “side job,” which sets off a chain of events that puts him in the sights of a local mafia leader. Now he must go to any length to save Annie and fight for the remaining time.”


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