Blue Exorcist Season 3 (Ao No Exorcist) : 2021 latest Update


It’s a lot of fun, and you don’t have to worry about much. Some of the characters in Blue Exorcist are masterfully created, while others are irritating in my opinion. It also features the best opening sequence of any anime I’ve seen. Battles and dialogue are fantastic throughout the game, and each victory is satisfying. It’s a heartwarming story about sibling rivalry and friendship. It proves that you can improve regardless of your background.

When Blue Exorcist was first published, it was a huge disappointment for audiences. The action anime series is based on the manga by Kazue Kato. For those who, like hundreds of other fans, are impatiently awaiting the arrival of blue exorcist season 3, we have all the pertinent information. After Season 2’s cliffhanger, I’m sure everyone is looking forward to Season 3.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date

The second season of ‘Blue Exorcist,’ titled Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga,’ premiered on January 7, 2017 and lasted till March 25, 2017. Following the release of Season 2, two original video animation (OVA) episodes titled Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga OVA were published on April 4, 2017 and October 4, 2017.

However, no information on the third season of the Blue Exorcist has been disclosed, although we can expect it to pick up where the second season left off. We can also expect to hear about the third instalment at any time this year because there is no deadline.

The third instalment is expected to arrive in January 2023. Otherwise, assuming the timetables of the two previous seasons are followed, Ao no Exorcist Season 3 might debut in April 2022. The current COVID-19 scenario has no bearing on the release of the new season.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Cast

We should expect A-1 Pictures to return for season 3 because they animated the first two seasons of ‘Blue Exorcist.’ Jun Fukuyama as Yukio, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Rin, Gou Shinomiya as Masato Chigusa, Hiroaki Hirata as Shirou, and Nishimura Maya as Ao Houjou will all reprise their roles in the upcoming third season of the blue exorcist.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Plot

Rin and his buddies will face off against a gang known as The Illuminati in Blue Exorcist season 3, which will be just as spectacular as the previous seasons. These individuals worship Lucifer, the Lord of Light, and are hell-bent on resurrecting Satan so that wicked spirits and zombies might be transported to Assiah. The Illuminati’s Sabutota Todou is a key figure.

Another exciting event will take place this season. Viewers will be able to observe the configuration of a door, such as Hades Gate. It will function as a conduit between the human and bad words. The Illuminati constructed this gate in the past near the Russian Nuclear Power Plant. Because of the Exorcists, the Illuminati could not send off and make the portal work in any case.

The current Illuminati organisation is attempting to open the gate that will allow Assiah and Gehenna to unite and make the world a lonely place. They should be avoided, though, because the upshot of this collaboration will be spectacular. The only ones who can stand up to the terror are Rin and his twin Yukoi. 

When the events are severe, the commentary is amusing, and you feel like you’re right there with the characters! It gives me the shivers every time I watch it, and the characters are all wonderful! I adore the show and can’t wait for more seasons, especially season 3 of the Blue Exorcist.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 has yet to have a trailer released. We can’t wait to see the season 3 trailer and learn when it will be released. For the time being, you can watch the first and second seasons of the show!

What Does The Author Of The Manga Have To Say About Season 3?

Kazue Kato, the manga’s author, delivers chapters on a monthly basis, despite taking at least one month off per year. “I request one month off per year, but serialisations in Japan are expected to run continually without interruptions, so they don’t take it well. Sorry for the delay!

“In a July 2016 interview, she stated. “I’m serialised in a monthly magazine and struggle to make it work, therefore I admire authors who serialise on a weekly basis. To do so, they frequently put their health and personal lives at risk. It’s a job that only a select few can undertake since they lack the necessary talent and mental and physical tenacity. Certainly, I am not one of them.

Kato also mentioned, or should I say hinted at, the manga’s conclusion, and stated that “There could be four more arcs,” he remarked, implying that “half of the entire story arc [had] been completed.

” We’ve talked about the finale a few times, and we’ve talked about it a lot “she clarified “There are a few possible ending patterns right now, and we’re hopeful one of them will emerge eventually. ‘Oh, that’s not going to work,’ you could think of one of those patterns. As a result, that is removed.”

If she publishes 11 chapters per year, the final chapter will be published in 2023. As a result, we can be certain that a third installment will be released soon.

Wrap It Up

There is no official word on the third season of Blue Exorcist! Seasons 1 and 2 should be viewed and enjoyed if you haven’t already. If any new information about the show’s renewal becomes available, we will be sure to let you know! Keep an eye on us!


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