Mothering Sunday Release Date, Cast, Plot & Trailer


Mothering Sunday is based on Graham Smith’s novel, with Alice Birch adapting the screenplay. Birch’s past work as a screenwriter includes the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s “Normal People” and the impending adaptation of her other novel, “Conversations With Friends.” She worked on the second season of HBO’s “Succession” as a storey editor. Eva Husson, the French director behind the 2018 Palme d’Or-nominated film “Girls of the Sun,” directs the film.

Stephen Woolley and Elizabeth Karlsen, who previously worked on “Carol,” “Their Finest,” and “On Chesil Beach,” among other important films, are producing “Mothering Sunday.”

The sad prestige dramas arrive just in time for Oscar season as the year draws to a close. Who are we to complain, anyway? The time has come for agonising period plays about forbidden love! It’s time to break out the Kleenex and pile on the warm blankets. Eva Husson’s “Mothering Sunday,” which will be released in theatres in a few weeks, is one of the upcoming films. Everything you need to know about the upcoming film is right here!

Mothering Sunday Release Date

On November 17, 2021, “Mothering Sunday” will be released in restricted theatres in Los Angeles. On February 25, 2022, it will have a limited release in New York City and Los Angeles before expanding to other cinemas in the coming weeks. This picture, which was shot in late 2020 and distributed by Sony Pictures Classics, had its global premiere at the 2021 Cannes International Film Festival. “Mothering Sunday” came to the United States months later for the Hamptons International Film Festival.

Mothering Sunday Cast

Odessa Young, best known for her appearances in “Shirley” and “The Giant,” plays Jane Fairchild, a housemaid. Jane, who was orphaned at infancy and has worked as a maid on a country house since she was sixteen, aspires to be a published author. Olivia Coleman (“The Lost Daughter”) and Colin Firth play the Nivens, a wealthy older couple she works for (“Supernova”). Paul, Jane’s secret love, is played by Josh O’Connor (“The Crown”), who is forced to follow his family’s path of becoming a lawyer and marrying the daughter of a family friend. Glenda Jackson, Sope Dirisu, Craig Crosbie, Emily Woof, Simon Shepherd, Caroline Harker, and Emma D’Arcy also star in the film.

Mothering Sunday Plot

“Mothering Sunday,” based on Graham Smith’s 2016 novel, draws its title from the old Christian holiday of the same name, which is still observed in the United Kingdom and Ireland. With older children going home to visit family and attend church, the day is designed to honour moms and, more crucially, “mother” churches. After the family goes for the holiday, the storey follows a young orphaned housemaid who is alone on the holiday. She takes advantage of her leisure time by meeting with her long-term secret boyfriend, the boy from the manor next door, who is betrothed to another woman. Jane’s rare day off, which was supposed to be her final dalliance with her soon-to-be-married lover, takes an unexpected turn when events they couldn’t have predicted change the trajectory of Jane’s life. As the pivotal day in 1924 unfolds, the adaptation bounces between past and present, exposing recollections.

Mothering Sunday Trailer

Jane Fairchild (Odessa Young), a housemaid and foundling, is alone on Mother’s Day in 1924 on a bright spring day. Mr and Mrs Niven (Colin Firth and Olivia Colman) are away from the office, giving her the rare opportunity to spend quality time with her secret boyfriend. Jane’s long-term love, Paul (Josh O’Connor), is the boy from the nearby manor house, despite the fact that he’s engaged to another woman, a childhood acquaintance and daughter of his parents’ friends. However, events that none of them could have predicted will irrevocably alter Jane’s life.



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