Akatsuki no Yona Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot


Despite several petitions and overwhelming public demand, the developers of Akatsuki no Yona, also known as Yona of the Dawn, have yet to announce the season 2 release date. Since the show ended in 2015, fans have been waiting to see if Yona regained her kingdom.

The only issue is that there has been no official announcement on Twitter or in the media about season 2 of the show, and it’s difficult to anticipate when it will air after six years.

Akatsuki no Yona Season 2 Release Date

Akatsuki no Yona is a well-known Japanese anime based on Mizuho Kusanagi’s manga. The show’s first season aired in 2014 and was followed by a second season in 2015. The show produced 24 extended episodes and three original video animations (OVAs) over the course of a year, but there has been no word or appearance of the show on our television screens since then.

The first season of the show focused on the first eight volumes of the manga, with the OVA continuing until volume 8. As a result, it will be intriguing to observe how season 2 progresses after volume 9.

Akatsuki no Yona Season 2 Cast

From the first season of the show, we may anticipate seeing all of the main characters. Let’s have a look at the names of the likely cast members.

  • Yona dubbed by Chiwa Saito (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)
  • Son Hak dubbed by Tomoaki Maeno, Ayahi Takagaki (young) (Japanese), Christopher R. Sabat (English)
  • Su-Won dubbed by Yusuke Kobayashi, Nozomi Yamamoto (young) (Japanese); Micah Solusod (English)
  • Yun dubbed by Junko Minagawa (Japanese), Clifford Chapin (English)
  • Kija dubbed by Masakazu Morita, Haruka Chisuga (young) (Japanese); Ian Sinclair (English)
  • Sinha dubbed by Nobuhiko Okamoto, Sanae Kobayashi (young) (Japanese); Eric Vale (English)
  • Jaeha dubbed by Junichi Suwabe (Japanese); Joel McDonald (English)
  • Zeno dubbed by Hiro Shimono (Japanese); Josh Grelle (English)

Aside from them, other characters like Ik-Su, Lee Geun-Tae, Son Mundok, Kan Tae-Jun, and An Lili could appear.

Akatsuki no Yona Season 2 Plot

The plot of the programme centres on a gorgeous red-haired princess of Kouka who is the daughter of Pacifist King II. The show is geared toward female viewers and conveys the message that she can be powerful if she so desires.

Yona, a lovely red-haired princess, falls in love with Su-won, the son of his father’s brother (who does not return her feelings). For some reason, she was not allowed to marry him. She elopes with her companion Son Hak as she learns the terrible truth about her kingdom, not realising that her kingdom was about to be subjected to violent consequences by Su-won.

When the delicate princess proves to be proactive and transforms from a young woman to a powerful soul for her companions, the drama takes an exciting turn.

When someone tries to harm her loved ones, the show depicts how a girl may turn the world upside down.

When Yona learns that her kingdom is about to be destroyed, she flees to find the famous four dragon warriors who can help her father reclaim his land. This leads to adventures involving pirates, human trafficking, and other dangers. The concert is packed with thrills, fun, and excitement.

Yona is expected to return to the kingdom of Kokua in season 2 and exact vengeance. We also expect Yona to reclaim her country and become the princess she so well deserves.

Yona obtained some information about the mythological monsters and met with the four wing serpents in season one.

It will be fascinating to learn about her quest to reclaim the kingdom. We can’t speculate on the probable tale because there hasn’t been an official statement about the plot or release date for season 2, but we will soon give you with season 2 spoilers.

Akatsuki no Yona Season 2 Trailer

There is no indication that a trailer will be released until 2022. We understand that all of the fans are patiently waiting, but all we can do is watch the first season again.


As a result, it is evident that the producers have not provided any information about the production of a second season or a renewal. We anticipate some sort of news on the subject in the near future; keep tuned.


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