Rihanna honored as “national hero of Barbados”


Rihanna never sleeps. While many fans have expressed their grievances because we haven’t seen any new albums since the 2016 Anti, it’s not as if Rihanna hasn’t been busy. This year she became one of the only female billionaires in the world, due to the success of their respective lines Fenty Beauty and Savage Fenty, and even turned her toes a bit in the musical game with a col Massive vinyl collection of all his. ancient work.

But despite everything he has achieved in his career, part of Riri’s heart will also be in his native Barbados. He has always kept his roots there, going back to different festivals every year and making sure people know he hasn’t forgotten where he is. Well, tonight he also returns to Barbados to help celebrate a very historic moment in the country’s history: to officially become a republic. You see, in the past, Barbados was a royal colony, but they have chosen to govern themselves. But Barbados will remain part of the great Commonwealth, despite its recent independence.

Watch Rihanna’s appearance at the ceremony below and stay tuned for her own thoughts on the transition, which are likely to appear on social media in the coming days. She was also reportedly honored with the title “National Hero,” which is a pretty epic title to say the least.


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