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“Federal policy has opened up the Zimmerman Trail to semi-trucks. Now, you have this whole neighborhood that lives with the impact of the vibrations of these semi-trucks or the Jake brakes that are hitting drivers. They, the truckers, don’t they know better. They’re just looking at their GPS system on Highway 3 and they’re going out on Zimmerman, now they’re flying down that crooked road, “Ronning said.

“You have all this neighborhood that has to live with this policy. My heart breaks for these people. Federal policy can be good, bad or neutral, but it is always local. “

Ronning, 59, is at the heart of Billings’ efforts to combat human trafficking. In 2016, he formed the Yellowstone County Human Trafficking Task Force with Stephanie Baucus. The working group focused on the massage parlors in the area where human trafficking was taking place. They also put pressure on landlords to rent massage parlors.

“There are landlords who are charging rents for these businesses. And I think about them, and I think, ‘Wow, why aren’t they doing everything they can to work with law enforcement to get these businesses closed and out your buildings? “Ronning told the Gazette in 2019.

That same year, a former Billings massage parlor owner was sentenced to prison after admitting to transporting women to Billings from Las Vegas to be sex workers in a massage parlor. The Montana Legislature worked to review state sex trafficking laws.


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