Helijet will incorporate electric aircraft into a new agreement with a US-based company


Helijet says it will introduce BC’s first helicopter-style electric aircraft to its fleet as part of a new partnership with a U.S.-based “global air mobility” company.

Helijet announced on Thursday that it has reached an agreement with Blade Urban Air Mobility Inc.

In a press release, the company says the new partnership “will accelerate the introduction and commercialization of newer, more sustainable and profitable EVA (vertical electric aircraft) in the communities served by Blade and Helijet.

Helijet President Danny Sitnam told CHEK News that a trip from Victoria to Vancouver via EVA is expected to take 18 minutes. Currently, the same journey via Helijet takes approximately 35 minutes.

“You’ll get there a little faster, you’ll get there a little calmer,” Sitnam said.

“EVA technologies will change aviation in the same way that the jet engine revolutionized air travel 60 years ago,” Sitnam added. “EVA will make urban air mobility more efficient, more sustainable and more affordable. At Blade, we have found a unique partner who shares our commitment to customer service and experience, security and innovation.”

In addition to the new electric planes, companies are reviewing potential new routes to BC and the Pacific Northwest.

These routes could include new connections to Vancouver, Seattle and Portland, as well as other places in the Pacific Northwest.

The agreement will make Blade take over the exclusive rights to book flights on Helijet routes, integrating its booking and sales technologies “to achieve greater reach,” the companies said.

“This partnership fits in perfectly with Blade’s mission to eliminate the friction of travel around the world,” said Melissa Tomkiel, president of Blade.

“Like Danny and Helijet’s team, we recognize EVA’s incredible potential. Together we are committed to making aviation more accessible, and our transition to a low-cost, quiet, emissions-free EVA should only serve to increase the number of passengers traveling by air between Helijet and Blade and the value proposition for our flyers. ”

Blade will also have the right to acquire up to 49 percent of Helijet Pacific Heliport Services’ subsidiary, which operates heliport terminals in Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo.


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