Love Marriage and Divorce Season 3 Ending Explained: Its Cast & More Updates!

love marriage and divorce season 3 ending explained

For those looking for a classic revenge story splattered with feminist undertones, Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) by Netflix is for you. A radio show hosted by a trio of married women, one in her 30s, one in her 40s, and one in her 50s, is the focus of the film. In order to move on with their lives, they either seek vengeance against their husbands or summon the courage to end their marriages. Phoebe Lim, Yu Jun, and Lee Seung-hoon created the series, which premiered on TV Chosun and Netflix on January 23, 2021. In its native South Korea, the show sparked controversy and received high praise, so Netflix decided it was best to include it in its never-ending list of noteworthy TV shows. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming third season, in case you’re interested!

The Principal Characters in The Play

Kang Shin Yo as Pan Sa Hyun

Her husband Boo Hye Ryung is in a relationship with a woman who happens to be his mother-in-law, which causes friction between him and his wife.

Boo Hye Ryung is played by Lee Ga Ryeong.

She is Pan Sa Hyun’s wife, and she has decided to end her marriage because her mother-in-law seems to prefer her husband’s extramarital affair to her own.

Shin Yu Shin is Ji Young San’s alias.

For a long time, he cheated on his wife, Sa Pi Young, but he always acted like he was faithful to her.

South Korea’s “Sa Pi Young” Park Joo Mi

She is Shin Su Yin’s wife, who believes her husband is perfect and never cheats, despite the fact that he is having an extramarital affair.

Lee Si Eun was played by Jeon Soo Kyung

She and their child have been forced out of their home by her husband, who has decided to leave his family and begin a new life with his mistress.

Park Hae Ryun, played by Jeon No Min, is a South Korean actor.

He is the ex-husband of Lee Si Eun, who has fallen in love with his affair and has decided to live with it.

Actors in Supporting Roles
Pan Moon Ho, played by Kim Eung Soo
Lee Jong Nam portrays So Ye Jung, while Lee Hye Sook portrays Kim Dong Mi.
Lee Hyo Chun Mo is best known as Mo Se Hyang.

Season 3 of Love (feat. Marriage and Divorce) Recap and Explanation

love marriage and divorce season 3 ending explained

That final episode of Season 3 is a bit of a mystery, and it’s probably the most random one ever.

When Hye-ryung returns home from the hospital, she also sees a young child’s spirit. She enquires as to what it is. Only she has the ability to see the child. Telling the family that “the old man” is going to be taken care of. Dong-ma is awakened by a grim reaper, who reveals their identity to her.

In the end, the story will leave you feeling angry, confused, and bewildered.

The final scene has a grim reaper near Seo Ban and Dong-house ma’s home. It was because he believes Pi-young has feelings for Ban that Ban revealed his desire to leave the house with Si-eun. His father has wounded him. He is feeling this way. Because he says she’s pregnant, Pi-father young’s has taken great care of her. Surely, Seo Ban’s reasoning is sound. This was, no doubt, his thought process. When she asks, they won’t say who they’re taking with them.

End of the show, Hye-ryung remains in the hospital. Hyeon of the Sa family is at a loss. RYung’s Hye-problem is a neurological one, and Sa-Hyeon needs to work on it to get better, says the doctor. Hye-ryung thinks she’s dying when she isn’t when Pi-young and Si-eun visit her.

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The Eighth Episode of The Third Season of Love (featuring Marriage and Divorce)

love marriage and divorce season 3 ending explained

Hye-Ryung Is Startled by The Ghost of Song Won as She Tends to Her Newborn Baby in The Premiere of Episode 8. Sa-Hyeon, on The Other Hand, Is Still in The Early Stages of Mourning for Song Won. This Is a Difficult Time for Him, and We Should Feel Sorry for Him. Losing Someone You Care About Is Never Easy, but Losing that Person Suddenly and Being Left with A Newborn Child You Were Supposed to Raise Together Is Especially Difficult.

A-Mi Is Contacted by Pi-Young, and It Is Revealed that Ji-A Discovered A-Mi and their Yu-Relationship. Sin’s A-Mi Warns Her Daughter that She Was Surprisingly Calm, but That She Does Not Want to See Her Father Ever Again. Yu-Heart Sin’s Is Broken. It Is Pi-Hope Young’s that Her Daughter Ji-a will be able to see her father again. She can’t understand how her father could do this to their family, and she breaks down in tears. Pi-young instructs her daughter on how to cope with adversity and her own feelings. It’s admirable that they’re focusing on this aspect of the mother-daughter relationship because she wants her daughter to grow up to be a strong, independent woman.


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