Big Chief Quits Street Outlaws: Check Here For Reason Why He Leave!

big chief quits street outlaws

OKC is home to the quickest streetcars in the United States, and this documentary focuses on their illicit racing scene. They put their lives at risk, spend a lot of money, and even risk going to jail in order to rise to the top 10 in their respective racing divisions.

Who Is Justin “big Chief”?

Justin Shearer, better known as Big Chief, was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 16, 1980. 1992 was the year he relocated to Oklahoma.

To say Big Chief enjoys racing is an understatement; he’s been competing since the age of nine! He grew up watching street races on Route 66 as a child.

His trolley, called “The Crow,” defeated Californian competition in one of the first seasons of Street Outlaws. While recording new episodes, he ended up crashing the car.

There Is No Chance that Big Chief Will Leave Street Outlaws.

Check out the most current episodes of Street Outlaws: America’s List season 2 if you haven’t seen Big Chief yet.

We may expect to see Chief in America’s List after he indicated in an early November 2021 post that he would be participating in filming.

When it comes to Big Chief’s racing, it’s unlikely that he’ll ever give it up. I don’t envision a day when I’ll ever stop street racing,” Big Chief said to Drag Illustrated in 2015.

The Fight Between Big Chief and Precious

big chief quits street outlaws

Fans believe that Big Chief’s departure from America’s List was prompted by a fight he had with Precious while filming the show. Some have even speculated that the conflict between the two was fabricated for the sake of media attention.

What’s up With Big Chief Not Appearing on Street Outlaws? Why Is Chief No Longer on America’s List?

Big Chief is a key character on Street Outlaws, although he did not appear in the show when it returned for a second season as he had been shown to be doing. The public is curious as to why Big Chief isn’t appearing on Street Outlaws. Just keep reading to learn more about the show and why Big Chief is not on Street Outlaws.

A new season of Street Outlaws is titled “Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings.” Although some members of the ensemble have returned in various roles over the course of the show’s four seasons, Big Chief will not. Big Chief’s real name is Justin Shearer, although we haven’t seen him since the most recent season. Fans of the show Street Outlaws have been left scratching their heads as to why he hasn’t appeared in the most recent season. Before the show began taping, he posted a snapshot of himself getting ready for the season to Instagram.

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Why Is Chief No Longer on America’s List?

To spend more time with his family, it’s likely he’s taking a break from Season 4. It’s difficult to find much information right now. More information will be added as it becomes available. We don’t know if he’ll ever return to the team. There will be a second season of America’s List. That performance has been confirmed, and he will be there.

A-List of Participants in The Street Outlaws Pageant

big chief quits street outlaws

Ryan Martin is the narrator.
Vehicle Type: Camaro. The 5th generation Camaro SS is the model. The year of 2010 is here.
Death Trap is the name of the vehicle. Fox Body Mustang Ford During the year of 1989.
Daddy Dave
The car’s name is Goliath 2.0. Chevy Nova is the name of the vehicle. It was 1963.
Mischievous Split Bumper is the moniker given to this vehicle. Make: Rally Sport Camaro. It was the year 1972
Big Chief
It’s called the Crow. Make: Year of production:
Theodore M. Lutz
Model Year: 1957 Chevrolet Chevy Bel Air is the model. This is 1957.
Rogue is the name of Damon’s car… Camaro is the model name. 1968
The Dominator is the name of this car. Dart, a Dodge vehicle, is the model name. 1967 was the year that
Nova the Assasin
Murder Nova is the name of the vehicle. Chevy Nova is the name of the vehicle. The year is 1969.




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