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The Great Season 3 Release Date: What you Want To Know More? Check Here!

The Great Season 3 Release Date: When will season 3 of The Great be released? Since 2020, the critically acclaimed ‘anti–historical’ TV series based on the life of Catherine the Great, Russia’s longest-reigning female queen, has managed to grab the hearts of romance and drama aficionados.

We’ve laughed, sobbed, and been left on the edge of our seats thanks to the show’s various cliffhangers throughout its two seasons of telling “an almost wholly fictional story.”

The Great is packed with gripping drama, from double-crossing and court tension to full-fledged civil war in the golden palace. Fans are understandably anxious for news about the series’ next phase. Season 3 of The Great has already been confirmed.

That’s right, powdered wigs are required since Elle Fanning will reprise her role as Catherine, alongside Nicholas Hoult as Peter III. However, you might be wondering what these royals have planned for the upcoming episode of the hit show. Or perhaps you’re wondering when and where you can view it for yourself.

We’ve gathered all the hot gossip from Catherine’s court and are ready to spill the beans. So here’s everything we know about The Great season 3’s release date, premise, cast, trailer, and everything else…

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The Great Season 3 Plot

The Great Season 3 Release Date

The plot of The Great season 3 is currently unclear, but because of crew statements and the cliffhanger ending of season 2, we have a pretty good idea of what our favorite monarch will be up to in the future.

We witnessed lots of murder, grief, and tangled relationships reach their conclusion at the end of season 2. Catherine’s diplomatic solutions lead to her killing the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and being forced to kill her dethroned husband, Peter, in a stunning finale.

In the ongoing war for the crown, Peter found himself in a similar predicament. As his close associates stated, the imprisoned monarch had to choose between his survival and his heart, and the crafty ex-royal of Sweden described how he needed to kill Catherine in order to live quietly.

So, it appears that the husband and wife team is embroiled in yet another civil conflict. This time, though, they have both invested feelings and affection for one another; isn’t it all quite spicy?

Archie, the debaucherous archbishop, is still searching for his faith, and conflict is set to grow as a result of Catherine’s actions with the Sultan. In short, The Great season 3 has plenty of content, juicy drama, and suspense to go around; in fact, it appears that each of the ten episodes will be jam-packed.

Whatever the new plot of the future season is, we already know that Catherine’s tale will continue. Following this season, executive producer Marian Macgowan informed Decider in 2020 that at least three more seasons are planned. “We pitched six seasons at first,” she explained. “We believe there is enough material to last us till Catherine is a senior citizen.”

The Great Season 3 Cast

The Great Season 3 Release Date

Nobody will be surprised to learn that all of the royal court’s most powerful members will return for season 3 of The Great. Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult will reprise their roles as Queen Catherine and her irresponsible husband, Peter, respectively.

Along with the principal pair, their closest confidants and advisors will all be returning, as most are still alive and (despite a few being imprisoned) are un-exiled… for the time being.

Here’s who you can expect to see in season 3 of The Great:

  • Fanning, Elle (Catherine the Great)
  • Hoult, Nicholas (Peter II of Russia)
  • Fox, Phoebe (as Marial)
  • Dhawan Sacha (as Count Orlo)
  • Bromilow, Belinda (as Aunt Elizabeth)
  • Godley, Adam (as Archie)
  • Lee, Gwilym (as Grigor)
  • Wakefield, Charity (as Georgina)
  • Hodge, Douglas (as General Velementov)
  • Gbadamosi Bayo (as Arkady)
  • Keith-Roach, Florence (as Tatyana)

We’re also sure to see Dustin Demri-Burns as Voltaire again, as Catherine will undoubtedly seek his advice in her quest to create a new system that isn’t based on violence. As Catharine’s husband struggles with becoming a better person and letting go of his claim to the kingdom, Jason Isaacs might reprise his role as Peter’s father, Peter the Great.

None of these, however, have been confirmed as of yet. As more information becomes available, bookmark this page.

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The Great Season 3 Release Date

The Great Season 3 Release Date

The good news is that season 3 of The Great is on its way. During Disney’s Television Critics Association winter press tour in January 2022, Hulu revealed that the series has been renewed and that the new season would consist of ten episodes, Huzzah! The bad news is that we don’t yet have a confirmed release date or filming schedule.

Season 1 of The Great premiered on May 15, 2020, while season 2 will premiere on November 19, 2021, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Because lockdowns are no longer in effect, the gap between season 2 and season 3 should be shorter this time around (fingers crossed).

With the pandemic no longer creating major delays in production, The Great season 3 will most likely premiere in December 2022. 

The Great Season 3 Available Platforms

Season 3 of The Great is set to premiere on Hulu in the United States, just like previous seasons. The Great season 3 will be available to stream in the UK via Starzplay, which can be accessed through Prime Video. Click here to sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon’s services or to sign up for a Prime membership.

That’s all for now, folks! Everything we know about season 3 of The Great. Here are our guides to Bridgerton season 2 and Shadow and Bone season 2 for more historical fun and romance.

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Season 3 will most likely find the two trying to come up with a solution that would allow them to live together, with Peter continuing to prove that he has changed and loves his wife and son Paul. Instead of the power-crazed monster who nearly drowned Catharine in season one, you know.

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