The Sound of Magic Ending Explained: Is Ri Eul’s Innocence Proved at the End, Is Ah Yi Still Alive?

the sound of magic ending explained

Based on Ha Il-Naver kwon’s webtoon, The Sound of Magic (RR: Annarasumanara in Korean) is a 2022 South Korean streaming television series. Featuring Ji Chang-wook, Choi Sung-eun, and Hwang In-youp, it was directed by Kim Seongyoon and written by Kim Min-jeong. Lee Eul, a mystery magician who unexpectedly appears in front of Yoon Ah-yi and Na Il-deung, a youngster who is forced to dream, is the story of this fantasy musical drama. The show premiered on Netflix on May 6, 2022, and has only been available since then.

The Cast of K Drama “the Sound of Magic”

Choi Sung Eun portrays high school student Yoon Ah Yi in the film. At the Doosan Art Center in Seoul, Choi began her career in theatre and short films, where she studied acting and film-making techniques. First leading role: She got her start in a feature film after an audition for Start-Up (2019). She appeared in the SF8 (2019) and Beyond Evil films (2021).

A bright high school student who can’t communicate with anyone outside of the classroom because he’s so focused on his studies is questioned by Hwang In Youp. Hwang made her acting debut in the online series WHY, which aired in 2018.

Probably her most well-known performance was that of Han Seo Jun in the film True Beauty (2021). The Tale of Nokdu (2019) and 18 Again (2019) have also included him (2020). Hwang has also been cast in the SBS drama Why Her, which premieres in the first half of 2022.

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“The Sound of Magic” Plot

the sound of magic ending explained

Even though Yoon A-Yi is a high school student, she works part-time jobs to help support herself and her younger sister. The girl has no idea where her parents had vanished.

After her mother and father were evicted from their house by debt collectors, she decided to leave as well. In spite of her financial hardships, she is able to maintain an excellent academic record. In addition, she has a lovely physical look.

Yoon A-Yi is eager to reach adulthood so that she can secure steady employment. Na Il-Deung, a fellow student, is also her classmate (Hwang In-Yeop). Yoon A-Yi, with whom he is frequently in competition for the highest grade, and he begins to have affections for each other.

In an abandoned amusement park, Yoon A-Yi runs into Magician Ri-Eul (Ji Chang-Wook). To those who have expressed a belief in magic, he performs magic tricks for them. Yoon A-Yi confides in him after telling him she believes in magic.

Which Character in The Sound of Magic Committed a Murder in The Movie?

A juvenile murder plot is one of The Sounds of Magic’s less-than-successful tale themes. Because of its grisly nature, it serves the purpose to raise Ri-treatment Eul’s by the community, allowing Ah-yi and Il-deung to intervene in different ways. In some aspects, Ri-ostracism eul’s has already been expressed and amplified, especially in the stigma around mental illness, which is regrettable.

However, in the final episode, we learn that Kim Doo-sik, Ah-former yi’s boss, assassinated Ha-yoon. Ha-yoon, like Ah-yi, worked at Doo-store sik’s as a part-time employee. Ha-yoon was the victim of his first act of sexual assault before moving on to Ah-yi. He blackmailed Doo-sik after he videotaped the whole affair and demanded money for it. Ha-yoon killed Doo-sik when they met in the presumably abandoned theme park.

An In-Depth Look at The Sound of Magic Finale

having faith in one’s own purity

Seo Ha-body yoon’s has been found, and her possessions have been discovered near an amusement park. The police are currently actively searching for the magician.

Ahead of time, Ah-yi goes to warn the magician and discovers him struggling to care for his sick parrot. If the police show there, he says he has nothing to fear because as long as one person believes in him, everything will be fine. She is worried about the cops.

Detectives show up there and take the magician, whose true name is Ryu Min-hyuk, back to the station for interrogation. Il-deung arrives later, and Ah-yi informs him that they must meet and talk to someone.

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Ryu Min-Story Hyuk’s

the sound of magic ending explained

In the park, they meet a woman who frequently visits Min-hyuk. When they ask her about him, she tells them that he was her high school classmate and her first love.

In addition to being a talented student, Min-hyuk was also the son of a talented family. However, as time passed, the stress of constantly having to be flawless ultimately took its toll on him, and he began to go insane.

He was rushed to a mental institution after a car accident, where he was checked in and then escaped.

It wasn’t Min-hyuk who killed Ha-yoon, the investigators inform him at the police station. He vanishes while they’re examining evidence.

Upon learning of the situation, Ah-yi rushes back to the park with Il-deung to retrieve his backpack.

They show up at the park with detectives and Ah-yi who claim that they have a few words for Min-hyuk before they hand him over to police. She then proclaims that he is a true magician for having restored her faith in magic.


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