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Welcome to Eden Ending Explained: Is Zoa Able To Get Out Of Eden,Is There Going To Be A Season 2?

Welcome to Eden (Spanish: Bienvenidos an Edén) is a Netflix original Spanish thriller series created by Joaqun Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez. On May 6, 2022, the series premiered.

Characters and Cast

Main Characters
Tomy Aguilera as Charly and Amaia Aberasturi as Zoa
Ibón is played by Diego Garisa.
Gabi is played by Berta Castaé.
Aldo is played by Albert Baró.
Mayka is played by Lola Rodrguez.
Erik is played by Guillermo Pfening.
Roberta Begoa Vargas is played by Blanca Romero.
Nico is played by Sergio Momo.
Berta Vázquez as Claudia Ana Mena as Judith
Alma is played by Irene Dev.
Ulises is played by Alex Pastrana.
Orson is played by Joan Pedrola.
Brenda is played by Claudia Trujillo.
Eloy is played by Carlos Soroa.
Dariam Coco as Eva Jonathan ‘Maravilla’ Alonso as Sal
Astrid is played by Amaia Salamanca.
As frica, Belinda Peregrin
Minor Characters
Mario de la Rosa as Zoa and Gabi’s father
Ana Wagener as Brisa

welcome to eden ending explained

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Season 1 of ‘welcome to Eden’: The Finale- Is Zoa Able to Get out Of Eden? in The Secret Passageway, What Did Africa Discover?

Nobody knew who had threatened Astrid’s life. It wasn’t Bel, and it certainly wasn’t Claudia. After completing a ceremony of walking on flaming coal, the newcomers were inducted into the cult. Bel had asked Astrid to keep an eye on Zoa, and the latter had given her permission. Chico is insecure because he is no longer the “Link” and has been assigned to a different room. Ibon’s father hired a private detective to go to Zoa’s mother’s house and gather additional information.

Zoa understands that the only way off the island is through the underwater caves. They could get aboard a boat and flee if they could find one of those. In the middle of the night, an unknown assailant attacks Erick and Astrid.

When Erick is stabbed, Astrid brings her to a woman named Nuria and a small kid named Issac who live in a remote part of the island. He was the same youngster Zoa had seen in the middle of the night but dismissed as her delusional mind’s creation. Issac is an expert at doing intricate medical procedures, and he ensures Erick’s survival.

A new group of 100 people was scheduled to arrive on the island. Gabi changed her demeanor in order to ensure that she was considered and transferred to Eden. It was determined that Zoa, Abano, and Charly would be given responsibilities at the impending celebration, but Africa would not.

welcome to eden ending explained

She felt left out and believed that if Erick had been present, she would not have been discriminated against. Erick was no longer on the scene because he had been stabbed and was being treated by Issac. However, Astrid did not want to reveal this information to the islanders.

Africa enters a zone where only persons with level 3 stars are permitted. She discovered a hidden passageway that led to a room with a complex technological setup. She hits a button on a machine without thinking about the consequences. It activated an antenna and sent a signal to space as soon as she pressed it. The antenna was positioned close outside the cabin where Erick was being treated by Issac and Nuria.

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Bel, in the meantime, had made arrangements for diving suits. They were going to be used by Charly, Zoa, and Ibon to getaway. Charly manages to flee, but Zoa is apprehended by Ulises. Ulises is killed by Ibon, who arrives just in time. They’re swimming quickly towards the boat when Zoa observes something that astounds her.

Gabi is in the fresh batch of people heading to the island. Zoa was in a tight spot. She remains still as she watches her naïve sister leap from the boat and onto the island. Gabi had put her life on the line to save her sister, but she had no idea that her sister was on the edge of escaping the godless Eden.

How Many Episodes

Season One
The Trip of Your Life
Farewell Party
The Other Shore
The Trip Back.

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