Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date: Which Bridgerton Sibling’s Love Story Will Be Shown in This Season?

Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date

Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date: Bridgerton Season 3 is back in the tonne with eight brand-new episodes eighteen months after the first season of Bridgerton. The second season of Bridgerton follows Anthony Bridgerton in his search for a suitable spouse, leaving Daphne and Simon behind.

Season two of Bridgerton contains the same all-star cast (with the welcome addition of the Sharma sisters) and the wonderful hair, makeup, and dress we’re used to seeing in the tonne, but it’s far less erotic than its predecessor.

It also shattered the record for the most-watched English-language TV series on Netflix, with 251.7 million hours seen in its first week. If you’ve finished season 2 and are curious when Season 3 of Bridgerton will premiere, look no further.

Will Bridgerton Season 3 Be Happen?

Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date

Following season 1’s record-breaking ratings, our favorite Regency drama was renewed for seasons 3 and 4 in April 2021. Lady Whistledown herself announced the news in a letter to Netflix, which stated, “Members of the Ton, it appears that we have something unique to say. Seasons three and four will see Bridgerton return.

At the time, Rhimes also issued a statement, stating, “This two-season renewal is a strong endorsement of our work, and I am delighted to have Netflix as a collaborative and creative partner. Betsy Beers and I are overjoyed at the prospect of continuing to present the world of Bridgerton to a global audience “per person.

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From Which Book Storyline of Bridgerton Season 3 Based on?

The next book in Quinn’s trilogy, An Offer From a Gentleman, is a Cinderella-esque narrative about Benedict’s love for Sophie Beckett, an earl’s daughter forced into servitude by her nasty stepmother.

Next Leading Bridgerton isn’t a Woman

If you’re wondering why the next leading Bridgerton isn’t a woman, the novel’s order starts with Daphne and then goes through the children in alphabetical/age order (Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Eloise, Francesca, Hyacinth, Gregory).

The Netflix show, on the other hand, may progress from modifying various plotlines from the book to continuing the plot of the show in a new order. Rhimes hinted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the program doesn’t have to follow the book’s order.

“Because there are eight Bridgerton siblings, we’ll be following each of their romantic stories. We won’t necessarily travel in chronological sequence, but we will see each of the siblings and hear their experiences.”

Statement of Chris Van Dusen


Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date

Chris Van Dusen, the executive producer, stated, “After this season, I won’t be able to say or discuss anything, but it was always my intention to focus on a different Bridgerton sibling each season, and it’s no secret that there are eight Bridgerton siblings.

We’ll be on for as long as Netflix wants us to be on, but I’d love to focus on each of the eight Bridgerton siblings and write romantic stories for each of them.”

Which Sibling Love Story Shown First?

In terms of which book might jump the line, Eloise, Benedict, or Colin, all of whom had their own subplots in seasons 1 and 2, are the siblings best positioned to lead the following season. Eloise’s tale in the show deviates significantly from the books, thus she may have to wait another season or two for her love story.

Since Colin and Penelope had that tragic moment at the finale ball, there’s a chance we’ll receive Colin’s story first. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to know what happens next with them.

Jonathan Bailey expressed his excitement for Eloise’s season in an interview with E! “I’m looking forward to walking Eloise down the aisle for a variety of reasons,” he remarked. “Partly because Eloise, if there’s any another character who has a stronger journey than Anthony in terms of having to combat psychological warfare, it’ll be here.”

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Bridgerton Season 3 Cast

Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date

The first casting news for Bridgerton season 3 has been confirmed. Because original star Ruby Stokes had to quit the show, Francesca Bridgerton has been recast. This happened after she was cast in the Netflix series Lockwood & Co as the lead. Hannah Dodd, star of Anatomy of a Scandal and Eternals, has taken her place.

Who will Return?

No additional cast members have been confirmed as of yet. Many people wondered if Regé-Jean Page’s departure as the Duke in the aftermath of season one set a new precedent for characters leaving after their primary series.

Fortunately, it appears that Bridgerton season 3 will break the mold, with both Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Bridgerton (Simone Ashley) set to return.

“We’ll be back!” Ashley declared. “Kate and Anthony are just getting started,” she continued. In season two, there was a lot of tug-of-war between Kate and Anthony, as well as familial issues, before they finally found each other at the conclusion. “I believe everything is just getting started.”

Bailey has also expressed his expectations for his character in the next season. “I really can’t wait for them to have a baby,” he remarked to The Wrap. If the books are correct, Baby Edmund will be the first to arrive, but maybe they’ll have octuplets. Maybe they’ll turn things around.

One departure has been confirmed: showrunner Chris Van Dusen is stepping down as the show’s executive producer. He’ll continue to work as a producer on the forthcoming album, but Jess Brownell will be in charge. She has previously worked on Bridgerton as a writer and producer, as well as on Shondaland’s Netflix project Inventing Anna.

Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date

The release date for Bridgerton season 3 has yet to be revealed by Netflix. Season 3 is reportedly planned to begin filming in the summer of 2022. Consider the schedules from prior seasons.

The first season of Bridgerton began filming in July 2019, ended in late February 2020, and was released in December 2020. Due to COVID-related filming delays, the second season began production in March 2021 and ended in November 2021. In March 2022, that season was released. Bridgerton season 3 could be released in June 2023, based on the fact that both seasons took close to a year to film.

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Bridgerton is based on a Julia Quinn book series, so we have an edge when it comes to finding ideas for future seasons. As a result, storylines from the third book in the series, An Offer From a Gentleman, will most likely be included in Season 3. Benedict Bridgerton, the second eldest brother, and his romance with Sophie Beckett are the focus of the romance story.


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